My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 279 - Bitterness

Chapter 279: Bitterness

Luo Jiaming frowned and gazed at this man who was looking crazy.

“It is just a reality show that pleases your fans, who would kill you?”

“I…” Fu Shiyi looked at Gu Weiwei in bitterness.

He couldn’t just spill the truth.

He had not walked out of the oppressive shadow of the recent bungee jumping yet and he truly had no intention of jumping off of a plane!

Gu Weiwei smiled guiltily. “Must we truly attend it?”

“The sponsor of the reality show is the brand Third Master represents, so yes, you must attend the show.” Luo Jiaming said.

The sponsor and the program crew invited them of their own accord and the profits and reputation to be brought about were tremendous. That was why he signed without consulting the artists.

But this Third Master turned it down for no reason!

It was a reality show, not a death sentence!

Fu Shiyi took a deep breath and waved to Gu Weiwei.

“We need to talk about it.”

Gu Weiwei and Fu Shiyi walked away from the agents, who looked at each other in confusion.

They were good friends, so it was weird that they did not want to become a rumored couple.

With hands on his hips, Fu Shiyi said straightforwardly, “We must attend the show and you need to tell my brother.”

“He is not going to approve of it, alright?” Gu Weiwei said.

The rumors last time had already led to serious consequences and if they truly went to the reality show as a rumored couple…

“I don’t care, you can use every kind of method to make him agree to it.” Fu Shiyi said.

“I can’t.” Gu Weiwei admitted.

“If you can’t, how will I ever be able to do it?” Fu Shiyi snapped.

“How should I put it? It won’t be possible either!”

Gu Weiwei dare not imagine what Fu Hanzheng would look like, if she told him that his brother was going to attend a reality show as a rumored couple with her.

“You are going to tell him after you have fun in bed! He will approve of everything!” Fu Shiyi said.

Gu Weiwei frowned. “What did you just say?”

Fu Shiyi did not care if she was angry but continued to make the proposal.

“Trust me, the best time for a man to be talked into something, is when he is in bed with a girl.”

Gu Weiwei snorted and walked away with Jolin.

Anyways, she would attend the reality show because she wouldn’t be the one to suffer anything in the end.

After the audition, she and Jolin went over to Shiyi Culture and the moment they came up to the company, Jolin received the call about the audition.

“Weiwei, Huo Xiaoshi of the Eyes of the Eagle is yours.”

Gu Weiwei smiled calmly. She did not find it unexpected.

“Jolin, can you loan me your computer, I need to check up on something.”

Jolin gave her the laptop and went to answer a call.

Gu Weiwei switched on the device and went onto the hidden net where she and her master’s family stayed in touch.

Although she could use the computer in the Jinxiu Compound a special firewall had been set up by the Fu Family and she did not dare to connect with anyone through the computer there. So she had to use Jolin’s computer instead.

After she had logged onto the hidden net, she received the answers from the signals she had sent out.

After she decoded the code, she received a phone number and she was required to make a call to that number at 12:12 a.m three days later.

She remembered the number quickly and when Jolin came back to the office, she logged out and removed her history.

As long as she could get in touch with her master’s family, she might understand why Gu Siting was looking for them.

Fu Hanzheng did not know that she had already died, so he thought that the Yuan Family knew where she was, thus looking for them too… but Gu Siting knew that she was dead, so what was the reason that he was looking for them?

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