My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 278 - Difficult Life

Chapter 278: Difficult Life

“Really? I thought you were planning to set me up!”

“That is impossible! We don’t want to die!” Fu Shiyi smiled a pleasant smile.

Gu Weiwei nodded and replied joyfully, “It’s good that you are aware. If anything suspicious happens, I will tell your brother everything about the Team.”

She truly could not believe that they had given up so easily otherwise they would not have re-established the Team.

They must have come up with a better plan for revenge and it was possible that she was included as one of their targets too.

Therefore, if anything suspicious arose, they must be the ones behind it.

“…” Fu Shiyi’s smile stiffened.

They had tried not to offend their brother but now, they had to be careful to not offend her!

Oh man, life was so difficult!

The two agents soon finished talking with the staff who were in charge of the audition and got hold of the script.

It was more like a brief introduction of the characters than a script.

There were no lines or actors to perform with.

“Damn, this Mo man is being a weirdo again!” Fu Shiyi complained.

After receiving the script, Gu Weiwei stopped talking with Fu Shiyi.

The script’s storyline took place in the period of the Republic of China and the role she had received was the female lead Huo Xiaoshi, who had a twin sister called Huo Jing.

In this scene she was supposed to be dressed as Huo Jing, who had actually died, and entered the military office, when her real identity was revealed.

She had to perform two characters, one was the cold-blooded, military officer Huo Jing and the other was Huo Xiaoshi, who was just and kind.

Mo Jiao had high expectations towards actors because the roles he wrote were quite challenging.

However this wouldn’t be a problem for her.

She had failed to become an actress when she was with the Gu Family, so she mostly studied to be a director.

She spent a lot of effort upon Dream of a Long Life in those previous years, so when she was reading a script, she understood exactly what the director demanded of an actress.

She still needed to gain more reputation for herself so that she was able to direct her own work.

After all, she had to create a whole new film that could exceed Dream of a Long Life, if she wanted to be better than Ling Yan.

She was going to bring down this so-called legendary Movie Queen, so that she would lose all of her legends.

She quickly learned how to play the role well and walked into the audition room, where she completed the task.

She was just about to leave with Jolin when Fu Shiyi’s agent Luo Jiaming stopped them.

“Weiwei, hang on, I need to tell you something when Third Master Three is here.”

Gu Weiwei and Jolin exchanged a look and continued to wait for him in the preparation room.

Soon, Shiyi finished the audition and came out too.

Luo Jiaming glanced at them and said straightforwardly, “There is a reality show for you both to participate in.”

Fu Shiyi pointed at himself and then at her.

“Me and her?”

Luo Jiaming nodded and turned on the tablet for them to see.

“You two are extremely popular right now and you have gained many fans standing by your side. You had better take advantage of this popularity so you can attract more fans.”

Fu Shiyi had had many rumors going around about him before but most of the female stars would be seriously demeaned by his fans and the public.

This was the only time when a cooked-up couple, with him as the male participant, received so much popularity.

It was going to be very beneficial for Fu Shiyi’s new album and Mu Weiwei’s reputation.

“No way!” Fu Shiyi turned it down directly.

“The contract is signed!” Luo Jiaming said with a serious face.

“You…” Fu Shiyi pointed at Luo Jiaming and said between clenched teeth. “You are killing me!”

His brother had almost killed him when they had hit the headlines as a rumored couple.

So if they participated in the reality show and showed off together in public, his brother would surely force him to jump off a plane!

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