My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 277 - Strange Things

Chapter 277: Strange Things

Early in the morning, Gu Weiwei woke up to kisses.

“Get up, come to work with me.”

“I still have an audition in the afternoon!” Gu Weiwei mumbled with a pair of drowsy eyes.

He couldn’t need someone to keep him company at work, right? He was an adult!

“I will ask Xu Qian to drive you there this afternoon.”

Fu Hanzheng pulled her out of the blanket. She was going to work soon and they would have very little time left together.

Gu Weiwei forced herself out of bed, ate breakfast, got changed and went to the company with him.

Well, she was still wearing a mask.

There were too many people in the company and if she showed up with her face exposed, then the headlines the next day would all be about her.

The staff on the 19th floor were both pleased and distressed when they saw their boss coming to work with his girlfriend.

They were pleased because they were going to have a very relaxing day but they were also distressed because they were going to be stuffed with their sweet display of love and they just couldn’t stand it anymore.

At nine a.m., the morning meeting started as usual.

Fu Hanzheng brought her into the conference room and Gu Weiwei grabbed one of the foreign poetry books from the collection in his office, so that she could read it whilst waiting for the meeting to finish but after reading several pages, she discovered something.

It was the poetry collection that Fu Hanzheng had read for her over the phone when she was away.

She threw a sideways glance at the man who looked serious in the meeting and showed a bright smile at him.

Fu Hanzheng noticed her smiling eyes from the corner of his eye and then noticed the poetry collection in her hands. Then he fully looked at her.

Soon, a very spoiling and sweet smile hovered over his face, startling the director of the development department who was reporting the work, so that he suddenly lost his train of thought.

Fu Shiqin said nothing. He no longer found it weird.

But honestly, he was at work! Couldn’t he pay a little attention?

Grandma Fu always said that he and his younger brother had sweet tongues and knew how to please people and that their eldest brother could do nothing.

But it seemed that the pleasant words he was able to say were all used up in his relationship.

Although they decided to take revenge after a long time and had thought that it would be soon but they would have to wait longer than they had realised, if Fu Hanzheng had a child who could be trained to go against him.

The morning session lasted for over an hour and the directors failed to clearly remember everything that had just transpired in the meeting.

However, what they did remember was that their boss had smiled at his girlfriend eight times and touched her head twice.

Gu Weiwei stayed at the company until lunchtime and did not leave for the audition until after lunch. Xu Qian drove her there.

When she came to the studio, she unexpectedly ran into Fu Shiyi.

“What are you doing here?”

“I am a skilled actor, alright?”

Fu Shiyi adjusted his hairstyle as he faced the phone.

Due to the success of the Long Wind, Mo Jiao, who had always turned him down, asked him to come to the audition this time.

Seeing that no one was around, Gu Weiwei suddenly thought of what she had read in the WeChat group this morning.

“So you said that we are giving up on revenge?”

“Well, he is our brother and we have to forgive him!” Fu Shiyi said with a smile.

Gu Weiwei squinted. “Are you trying to set me up?”

They had said that if she did not help them, they would help Fu Hanzheng but now they had given up the movement and so they must be thinking about this kind of thing again.

“Impossible! We thought it over calmly last night and realized that our brother has been very nice to us and if not for him, who has been working so hard for the company, we would never have had such a leisurely life, right? We are brothers, and we don’t take revenge.” Fu Shiyi looked very moved.

Gu Weiwei just could not believe him. They who had tried to crush Fu Hanzheng only just one night ago, were now putting on such a lovely front overnight.

Fu Shiqin had been behaving in this way back in the company too.

Her instincts told her that something strange was going on.

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