My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 276 - Three Single Men

Chapter 276: Three Single Men

Only three hours had gone by since the establishment of the Bringing Fu Hanzheng Down Team and now they were going to be disbanded.

[Fu Shiqin: No.1 Agent, calm down, don’t be distracted by the slippery enemy!]

[Fu Shiyi: Men always speak sweet words but they are all poisonous. Don’t listen to them, No.1 Agent, never!]

[He Chi: What about helping their relationship instead? It would be fun and relaxing.]


Gu Weiwei read the messages from the three ridiculous men in the WeChat group and found that they were all saying mean things about Fu Hanzheng.

[He is not as horrible as you guys said!]

[Fu Shiqin: What we have told you is just the tip of the iceberg!]

[Fu Shiyi: Or we can tell you mean things about him for three days in a row!]

[He Chi: That monster, with no heart and feelings, does not deserve to have a girlfriend!]

Gu Weiwei felt both annoyed and amused. What on earth had he done to them so that they all held such deep grudges against him?

[Gu Weiwei: You three single men, are even worse than monsters!]

[He Chi: !!!!]

[Fu Shiqin: Let’s give up, we won’t be able to take revenge!]

[Fu Shiyi: I can’t die without doing this!]


Hearing Fu Hanzheng’s footsteps approaching, Gu Weiwei silenced the phone and put it down.

Fu Hanzheng got changed into pajamas and lay down in bed.

“Why are you not sleeping yet?”

Gu Weiwei smiled. “I need you next to me!”

Fu Hanzheng swept her into his arms and whispered by her ears, “Just hang on, I will keep you very good company, when it is time.”

She knew that he could not touch her yet but she was still flirting with this man.

Gu Weiwei shrank back. “No indecent words! I just meant you being next to me.”

She could have a better and sweeter sleep with someone next to her.

The three other members of the team were quaking in fear, they suspected that she had already betrayed the organization and everyone else.

Fu Shiqin kept checking his phone. “She is not replying. If she is really selling us out, we will end up being terribly dead.”

He Chi glared at Fu Shiyi who had dragged her in. “I told you that she does not hold as much of a grudge against him as we do and it was such a huge risk to have dragged her in.”

Fu Shiyi glared back. “But none of us are able to win in battle against him!”

They had waited for a long time before someone was able to conquer their brother.

Of course, he needed to drag her in, so that she could help them to bring down his brother but three hours passed and his agent had betrayed them.

She had not only betrayed them but also attacked them.

He Chi fiddled with his wine glass and said, “If she really does betray us, then tomorrow will be our execution.”

Fu Shiqin felt helpless. “I really don’t want to die now.”

Fu Shiyi rolled his eyes at him. “You will be the first one to be killed because you were the one that spoke the most harsh words.”

He Chi squinted at the two brothers and suddenly smacked the table.

“Actually, I do have an idea but we will have to wait a bit longer until she responds, to have an idea of the end result.”

Fu Shiqin said, “What is it?”

Fu Shiyi said, “It’d better not damage us.”

He Chi summoned them closer and the three of them gathered together.

“What about helping them get married and having children first.”

Fu Shiqin said, “Get lost. I will die because of their feelings of love before I am able to take revenge.”

He was working at the headquarters and stayed closest to Fu Hanzheng, so he was the most damaged out of their team.

Fu Shiyi waved his hands. “You are giving him comfort!”

He Chi glared at the two brothers who were arguing and snorted.

“I haven’t finished speaking yet, listen carefully!”

“What revenge will be taken if he is married and has kids?”

Fu Shiqin drank down a wine glass full of alcohol, just to vent his dissatisfaction.

He Chi said, “Well, we can do something about the children.”

Fu Shiyi suddenly realized what He Chi meant and showed a sinister smile.

“You are truly ruthless.”

Fu Shiqin looked confused. “What are you two talking about?”

Fu Shiyi said, “You dumb-headed man! No.1 Agent is now out of our control but when they have kids, we can start cultivating them when they are little, so that they will always go against him. He will not mistreat his children because if he does, the couple will turn against each other…”

After having explained it, the three men gave a toast to each other joyfully.

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