My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 275 - Sex Life

Chapter 275: Sex Life

Gu Weiwei was so stuck in her own thoughts that when Fu Hanzheng finished his conversation with the informant, she did not even notice.

Seeing that she wasn’t turning the pages of the book she was reading, Fu Hanzheng leaned forward and asked, “Which passage had attracted you so deeply?”

Gu Weiwei came back to herself and gazed at this man’s warm and indulgent eyes.

She had used Jolin’s computer and published the secret signals through the hidden websites. If her master’s family went onto the place where they used to talk with each other, then they should have reached out for her but days had passed and no news had come.

If the situation went on this way, they would be found by Fu Hanzheng or Gu Siting before they talked.

Fu Hanzheng squinted. “Thinking about something?”

“Not really, just a little tired.” Gu Weiwei yawned, showing that she was getting sleepy.

Thinking that she had not been feeling well these past two days, Fu Hanzheng did not dwell upon the idea of probing any more.

Then he carried her up from the chair and moved her into the bedroom.

“Is your stomach still not feeling well?”

Gu Weiwei did not answer but leaned into his embrace as she wrapped her arms around him.

During the past few months, she experienced an unsteady life that she had not experienced in all her twenty years but she just couldn’t tell anyone.

She could not go back to the Gu Family but there was a man here who was trying to keep her by his side.

She did not want to fall for him but she found that her own heart was collapsing without her even noticing it.

Fu Hanzheng lowered his gaze in astonishment. “What is wrong?”

“The lead role in the book has a broken family and I feel so sad for her. I have nowhere to go either.”

Gu Weiwei could not help but shed tears as she hid herself in his arms.

Fu Hanzheng gave her a kiss on her forehead and said, “Let’s get married, and I will give you a home.”

She was such a contradictory girl. She had been so discreet about the relationship because of what had happened in her family. She wanted to have a home but she could not fully accept him.

He could give her everything she did not have and everything she desired but she still tried to stay away from him all the time and even when he had shortened the distance between them, she was still not really his.

“No way, you just want to have s*x with me, you don’t really want to marry me.” Gu Weiwei snorted.

But what he said had made her much happier.

Fu Hanzheng’s lips were pursed and he said with a low voice, “I only want to have s*x with you.”

Gu Weiwei’s face turned hoy and her heart was beating faster than before.

Since when did this absurd conversation start?

Seeing that she didn’t say anything, Fu Hanzheng continued.

“I have given you a ring and you can put it on anytime and become Ms. Fu the minute you want to.”

Gu Weiwei mumbled. “I need to think about it.”

She had tried to stay away from the Fu Family so that she could stay away from him. After she was caught by him, she still tried to stay away from him, just in case she fell for him but no matter how discreet she was, she was still falling for him and the situation was not getting any better.

Without trying to persuade her anymore, Fu Hanzheng understood that she was at least considering it.

Although it was not the result he hoped for, at least he was progressing.

“I still have two calls to make with the overseas subsidiary, maybe you can go to sleep first?”

“Okay.” Gu Weiwei nodded lightly.

Fu Hanzheng kissed her on the forehead and left the bedroom.

The moment he walked out, the phone in Gu Weiwei’s room vibrated – messages were sent from the team.

[Fu Shiqin: Agent No.1, have you started the mission?]

She rolled off the bed and grabbed the phone, then she lay back on the bed.

[I just can’t do it]

The three other members of the team replied swiftly…

[Fu Shiyi: Agent No.1, no betraying!]

[He Chi: Agent No.1, are you thinking about becoming a parent with him?]

Gu Weiwei thought for a while and replied.

[Actually, if we two have children together, they would look really pretty, right?]

[Fu Shiqin: !!!!]

[Fu Shiyi: I need a place to jump off of…]

[He Chi: Take me along with you!]

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