My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 274 - How?

Chapter 274: How?

Under the threats from the three men, Gu Weiwei joined the Bringing Fu Hanzheng Down Team.

Her mission was – being the mole.

The moment she returned to the apartment, she received a text message on WeChat.

Fu Shiyi: [Go for it! The team is your strongest shield!]

Gu Weiwei put away the phone and walked into the hospital.

Fu Hanzheng had gotten off work earlier than her and was not very pleased about her being home late.

“Didn’t you already finish the filming? Why did you come home so late?”

He had returned just to spend time with her after finishing his work but she turned out to be home later than he was!

Gu Weiwei noticed that he was wearing the tie she gave to him, so she could not help but stare at it for a while before answering him.

“I was talking with the agent about the audition.”

She truly had no idea how to set up this man, who was so elegant and handsome.

Fu Hanzheng noticed her staring at him out of the corner of his eyes, so he asked as he looked sideways.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing, really.”

She was thinking about how she should ruin him, torment him and toy with him.

Fu Hanzheng reached out for her and said, “Come and sit down.”

Gu Weiwei obeyed and then she asked a question, because she had thought of the consequences that Fu Shiqin and his team members had to answer to, when they caused trouble with Fu Hanzheng.

“Fu Hanzheng, if I ever bully you, will you mistreat me?”

Fu Hanzheng raised his eyebrows and looked at her with a touch of flirtiness.

“How do you plan to bully me?”


Damn it!

His gaze indicated that she was trying to bully him in an indescribably… strange way.

“I mean, what if I betrayed you…”

Fu Hanzheng did not look as flirty anymore. “You want to conduct infidelity?”

“No way, that’s not what I mean! What I mean is that if I do something that makes you unhappy, will you mistreat me just like you mistreat your brothers.” Gu Weiwei expressed her meaning in detail.

“No, I won’t.” Fu Hanzheng smiled meaningfully.

The only thing that could make him unhappy was when she flirted with other men and he was not going to allow this kind of thing to happen.

Plus, if it really did happen, he would just marry her and father her children, sooner than he had planned.

Gu Weiwei laughed dryly – she just couldn’t do that to him!

Fu Hanzheng released her and said, “Go and wash your hands, let’s eat.”

Gu Weiwei hurried away to wash her hands and returned to the dinner table with him. The meal consisted of the nutritious soup.

After dinner, Fu Hanzheng asked her to join him in the study, where he worked over his business and she read a book. No disturbance was caused between them either.

After Fu Hanzheng finished dealing with the documents, he started a video meeting but it was not about business. The meeting was his overseas informant telling him the latest news.

“Mr. Fu, we looked deep into what you have told us, Cayman Dorrans did fall in love with a Chinese girl and they had a daughter together called Vivian Dorrans but the story goes that the child and her mother were stabbed to death by Cayman Dorrans’s enemies, when she was just a year old. However, we can confirm that Gu Weiwei adopted by the Gu Family is none other than Vivian Dorrans…”

Gu Weiwei just could not avoid hearing what the informant said over the computer, and her eyes that looked down were full of emotion.

When she was with the Gu Family, she was told that her mother died of a serious disease and that they adopted her only because they knew Mother Gu well.

She had learnt of her father through her mother’s legacy, and she had tried her best to find him but failed to find him even at her own death.

Fu Hanzheng did not notice her weird behavior but instead asked the informant, “What clues have you got about the girl?”

“She was stabbed half a year ago and was brought home by Gu Siting. She has not showed up ever since. The news was that she was at St. Paul Hospital, but we did not find her even at the hospital…”

Fu Hanzheng looked contemplative. “What about the Yuan Family?”

“They are not in A Land anymore and it is not certain if they have returned to the Dorrans Family or somewhere else.”

Fu Hanzheng stayed silent for a while and said, “Continue with the search, and find them before Gu Siting does!”

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