My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 273 - Trouble-Maker 2

Chapter 273: Trouble-Maker 2

Upon hearing these words, Fu Shiyi and Fu Shiqin agreed with what He Chi proposed.

“Yes, any of us, as long as we do something, would lead to terrible consequences. You better save yourself, my brother is not mistreating you anyways.”

Gu Weiwei snorted. “I am going home, have fun!”

So they could do nothing for her and yet they had still asked her to join their team to bring down Fu Hanzheng? How dumb!

“Don’t, please. We are so scared of him, we need your help!” Fu Shiyi said, looking pathetic.

“We have been living in the deepest pits of trouble and without you, we can’t win the battle!” Fu Shiqin said with a helpless expression.

“Only you can save us and lead us to victory.” He Chi joined them in trying to persuade her.

Gu Weiwei sighed as they blocked her way.

“He has just scared you a few times, why hold so much of a grudge?”

Fu Shiqin exclaimed loudly, “Of course we are resentful! I would have died hundreds of times, if not for my strong heart.”

As the man working closest to Fu Hanzheng, he was the man who had been wounded the most times. He had started to complain of how Fu Hanzheng had mistreated him terribly since they were little.

Having heard his brother, Fu Shiyi started to tell her of his miserable past too.

After they finished their monologues, they showed sympathy to each other.

Fu Shiyi said, “Second Brother, you are suffering more than me!”

Fu Shiqin said, “Damn it, I would not have suffered if not for the traps you set for me!”

Gu Weiwei looked at them speechlessly. The two brothers were shedding tears in each other’s arms.

They were mistreated, only because they had caused the trouble themselves.

“What about you, Doctor He, how have you been mistreated?”

He Chi sighed deeply and started to tell his story of misery.

“I have been forced to be my own experimental test subject three times! Two years ago, I had a fever for three days and I almost turned dumb! Three years ago, the side effects of the medicine made me get a rash all over my body so that I almost ruined my skin by scratching it constantly.”

Fu Shiyi and Fu Shiqin threw a look of sympathy at He Chi who was telling the story and said, “Chi, your experience is even worse than ours!”

Gu Weiwei thought for a while and said, “He can’t have done that without a reason!”

“He did it without a reason!” He Chi snapped.

“Damn it, you named your dog the Big Fu, and when my brother was having a laparoscopic surgery, you asked the anesthetist to reduce the anesthetic. You also went out to have fun with a girl and forgot about the lab of new products, so that we lost hundreds of millions of yuan…” Fu Shiqin ruthlessly revealed the truth.

Those experiments were not dangerous, but they could be very annoying.

Gu Weiwei’s lips twitched – surely enough, they were causing the trouble themselves!

“Well, you can continue to cause trouble but leave me alone.”

“No, you must join us.” Fu Shiqin said.

They were mistreated all the time but only she was able to mistreat their brother.

“If you don’t join us, I will post the picture of you kissing my brother.” Fu Shiyi threatened.

He Chi said, “If you don’t join us, we will help Fu Hanzheng so that he will make babies with you. Many, many babies!”

Fu Shiqin gave a thumbs up to He Chi. “Yes, if you don’t join us, we will help our brother!”

Gu Weiwei got so annoyed at them… but unfortunately the threats did work.

“What do you want me to do anyways?”

When Fu Shiyi helped him last time, she almost fell into the trap. If the three of them worked together, she would have a hard time.

The three of them exchanged a look with one another and said fiercely.

Fu Shiqin said, “Destroy him!”

Fu Shiyi said, “Torment him!”

He Chi said, “Toy with him!”

Gu Weiwei looked at these three fools speechlessly.

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