My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 281 - Alone in the House

Chapter 281: Alone in the House

The Old Lady was not like Mrs. Fu, who was a housewife that took care of the family.

She might look kind and affable right now, but when Grandpa Fu passed away years ago, it had been her who had stepped forward to keep control of Fu’s Enterprise, that was going through an unsteady time, so that the Fu Family managed to get over the difficult period.

Therefore, her words weighed heavily in the family.

So even Fu Hanzheng, who had always made his own decisions, would need to respect her on some occasions.

Also, just as she had said, if it had not been for her who had brought Gu Weiwei to the Fu Family, she would not have appeared in his world at all.

Fu Hanzheng could not find a single word to argue back with, so he stopped talking but kept counting down the time until when she would leave.

At first, the Old Lady was here helping her two grandsons but when Gu Weiwei returned, the two grandsons turned as invisible as air and when Mu Weiwei made a fuss back at the Fu Family, she did not hate her at all.

So now, when she was cute and understanding, she loved her even more.

“I watched the movie, you did well and you looked so amazing at the film festival!”

Grandma Fu knew everything about what was going on with her in the entertainment news so even if she wasn’t in the capital city, she still kept eyes out for her.

Fu Hanzheng checked the time several times and found that his grandma still had no intention of leaving.

“Grandma, it is getting late, maybe you should leave now.”

The Old Lady checked the time and found that it was truly getting late, so she got up holding Gu Weiwei’s arms.

“Come, I have brought you many presents.”

Fu Hanzheng’s face sank. “Where are you taking her?”

So she had spent so much time with her and now she was taking her away?

“I brought her back, what right do you have to care about my own business?” The Old Lady squinted at him.

Fu Hanzheng could imagine that whenever he said something, she would keep mentioning that she was the one that brought her home and that he was the one that drove her out and other things such as the like, he did not have the rights to care about their business etc.

“Mom doesn’t know about us yet.”

If she brought her back to the old mansion, there would be conflict and he did not want her to feel wronged.

“They went abroad this afternoon! Weiwei is still here, so she should go back to the old mansion and keep me company.” The Old Lady said and took hold of her hands. “Shiqin, go and drive the car.”

Fu Shiqin nodded and ran downstairs to get the car.

Grandma was so powerful. She took Mu Weiwei away, so that their brother was left alone in the house.

Haha, he was not the only rulet in the Fu Family!

Gu Weiwei also thought that her period was coming to an end, so she agreed to stay a few nights with the Old Lady.

They went downstairs, hand in hand, into Fu Shiqin’s car and left without Fu Hanzheng.

They returned to the Fu Family’s mansion and Fu Shiyi arrived at home almost at the same time as them.

He got startled at the sight of the three. “Where is our brother?”

Fu Shiqin just could not hold in his laughter anymore. “He is in the house, all alone.”

Fu Shiyi gave him a high five after hearing the words.

Then he went to open the door for the Old Lady and helped her into the house.

Fu Shiyi said in a flattering tone, “Grandma, you have become so much younger after staying a few months in the south.”

Fu Shiqin said, “Yes, you look so energetic.”

Gu Weiwei looked at the two brothers speechlessly – they must have brought Grandma Fu here just to fight against their own brother.

The four of them asked the servants to serve some good dishes the moment they arrived home. Fu Shiyi even opened a bottle of wine to celebrate.

The moment the bottle was opened, the voice of the servant in the living room arose.

“Master, welcome home.”

Before the voice finished speaking, Fu Hanzheng had walked into the dining room and sat down right in front of them.

“What are you celebrating with the wine?”

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