My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 270 - What to Do?

Chapter 270: What to Do?

After Gu Weiwei and Fu Hanzheng finished the jump, they went over to Fu Shiyi who was lying on the floor, pretending to be dead.

“Third Master, it’s time to leave now.”

Fu Shiyi said, “I am not leaving. I want to die here.”

He had agreed to let him be his love guide but now when he had succeeded, he instantly broke the promise.

Fu Hanzheng warned him as he looked at Fu Shiyi who was lying on the floor.

“Any more nonsense and we will never jump from here again.”

Fu Shiyi looked scared. “What more do you want?”

“Next time, you can jump from a plane.” Fu Hanzheng said.

Hearing that, Fu Shiyi jumped up and said, “Honestly, Fu Shiqin and He Chi have also badmouthed you behind your back, why don’t you turn on them instead?”

“Of course they are involved too and all of you are too much.”

Hearing that neither of them would be able to get away, Fu Shiyi suddenly felt glad.

Fu Shiqin must be laughing at him in the office right now… but he was never going to be able to run away because he was only the first one to be tormented.

They were born together, so they should also die together.

Hearing their conversation, Gu Weiwei simply could not understand what on earth these three brothers were doing to each other.

“You are afraid of heights but what about Fu Shiqin?”

Fu Shiyi gritted his teeth and smiled.

“Heights are the only thing I am afraid of, but he fears many things, like not having desserts, business trips and snakes…”

There was one time when he pissed off Fu Hanzheng and was forced to have a friendly talk with some serpents. He still shivered when he thought of this matter.

Gu Weiwei glanced at Fu Hanzheng who was answering a call as he was walking, and asked with a small voice, “Don’t you know how to fight back, when you are tormented to such a degree?”

Fu Shiyi sounded helpless. “Of course we have thought about it but we have never been able to win a battle against him since we were little!”

Gu Weiwei patted his shoulder sympathetically – poor kids, how did they manage to grow so big?

Fu Shiyi gazed at her for a few seconds and then glanced at his own brother, and whispered, “My brother is actually planning to make you agree to marry him and give birth to his child. He has even promised to the family that he will have several children with you.”

Gu Weiwei frowned. “So?”

“You don’t want to fight back?” Fu Shiyi looked glistening.

Gu Weiwei squinted. “Will that ever work?”

Fu Shiyi glanced at his brother who almost finished the call and said with a small voice, “In a couple of days, I will bring you somewhere and you will know if it will work.”

Gu Weiwei looked at him and wondered if he was going to fight back because he had suffered too much today?

Having finished the phone call, Fu Hanzheng took her hands and went into the car.

“I am going to handle something at work, are you following or going home?”


Gu Weiwei expressed straightforwardly that she was not interested in going to work with him.

Fu Hanzheng understood that she was not feeling well today, so he did not force her to follow him.

He drove her back to the apartment and then hurried to the company for work.

Back at the apartment, Gu Weiwei found some classical films to watch, as well as the films that had been directed by the director Mo Jiao, making preparations for the audition.

Actually, when it came to acting skills, classical and costume period movies had even higher demands than modern movies because they were produced in a special setting and not just the characteristics but also the time period could affect the characters too.

However, Mo Jiao did bring several classical characters to the screen.

She spent the entire afternoon and evening watching movies and documentaries but Fu Hanzheng did not return until the day turned dark.

“Where is the Second Master?”

“He won’t be coming home these days.” Fu Hanzheng said.


So he was driving everyone away, so that they could have the whole place to themselves?

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