My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 271 - : Bringing Down Fu Hanzheng

Chapter 271: Bringing Down Fu Hanzheng

Fu Hanzheng removed his suit and leaned against the sofa, taking the seat next to her.

The movie on TV was showing a hot kissing scene.

Gu Weiwei felt embarrassed and wanted to skip it, when the man next to her said,

“The audition of the new movie you are going to, must not have any kissing scenes, naked scenes or sex scenes…”

“Then what kind of movie can it be?” Gu Weiwei squinted at him.

Some movies just loved to include those types of scenes so that the story could develop. Or maybe he meant that a movie should only be about reading lines?

“I don’t care what everyone else does but you can’t.” Fu Hanzheng looked at her seriously.

He would not stop her from doing whatever she liked but he had his bottomline too.

“Don’t take it as something dirty, alright? That is about sacrificing for the art!”

“You can only sacrifice for me.” Fu Hanzheng said as he leaned down to kiss her lips, licking her tongue that tasted very sweet.

The baggy pajamas made it possible for him to grope all over her body and then he had one hand cupping her breast as he released her lips.

“You are not wearing anything underneath?”

Gu Weiwei pushed off his hand and shifted away a little.

“I just… took a shower!”

He used to just kiss her but now he had started to touch her!

And when she thought of what happened the night before… and then thought of what Fu Shiyi had warned her about, she truly felt that the Fu family was full of danger.

He must be planning something and was just waiting until her period finished.

Fu Hanzheng took a deep breath, got up and said, “I am going to take a shower.”

Seeing him leaving, Gu Weiwei suddenly picked up the phone and texted Jolin to confirm the work schedule. She expected to run away from this place before her period finished.

However, all she got was nothing more than a commercial for a cosmetic product, the day after tomorrow.

On that day, Fu Hanzheng went to work and she met with her agent before they headed towards the studio together.

After the shoot, Fu Shiyi appeared before her, looking mysterious.

Then he asked her to put on some makeup and wear a wig before leaving with him in a taxi.

Then they made some twists and turns until they came into a small restaurant in an alleyway.

They sneaked in through the backdoor and

instead of going to the dining area, they went straight into the cellar where goods were stored.

“Honestly, why are you taking me here?”

“Here we are.” A hidden door to the cellar was opened and then he led her into a luxuriously decorated room.

It was not until she entered the room that Gu Weiwei realized that it wasn’t just her and Fu Shiyi. Fu Shiqin, whom she had not met for two days and He Chi were both there.

“Don’t look so suspicious, we are just having a meeting! We can’t be noticed by my brother, so of course we have to be discreet!” Fu Shiyi said.

Gu Weiwei found a seat and sat down, sizing up every one of them.

“What do you want?”

This secretive meeting must have something to do with Fu Hanzheng.

Fu Shiyi said, as he stood beside her holding a cup of wine, “Welcome to the Bringing Fu Hanzheng Down Team!”

Gu Weiwei frowned. “What team did you say?”

“Bringing Fu Hanzheng Down Team!” Fu Shiqin repeated.

Gu Weiwei threw a confused look at the two brothers. So these two brothers, who had been fighting against each other a minute ago, were now united to fight against their brother?

“Several years ago, we were disbanded due to some changes, but now, we are united once again.” Fu Shiyi said.

“You caused the problem.” Fu Shiqin rolled his eyes at him.

“You were part of it too, okay?” Fu Shiyi glared back at him.

Gu Weiwei felt her forehead – these two brothers were having a civil war, so how were they going to bring down their brother?!

Also, it was understandable that the two of them had such an idea but what was Doctor He Chi doing here?

Had he been mistreated by Fu Hanzheng too?

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