My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 269 - : Showing off their love

Chapter 269: Showing off their love

Obeying the order, Lei Meng ripped Fu Shiyi off himself and pushed him off the capital tower that was 388 meters tall.


The horrible scream echoed across the capital tower.

With his head down and feet up, Fu Shiyi plummeted like a comet.

He was so frightened that he forgot to close his eyes, so he watched himself approach the ground and for a moment, he suspected that his brain was falling out.

But in the next instant, the rope around his feet tightened and he was pulled back halfway.


He fell and was pulled up.


He fell and was pulled up again.


Standing on top of the tower, Gu Weiwei could hear the tearful scream down below.

Then she threw a look at Fu Hanzheng who still had an expressionless face.

“Isn’t this a bit… too lethal?”

Apparently, Fu Shiyi was afraid of heights but he was still forced to do bungee jumping. How cruel!

She had no idea why Fu Shiyi and Fu Shiqin had been so scared of Fu Hanzheng before but now she had witnessed first hand the way he mistreated his own brother.

He did not beat or curse you, but instead picked the thing you are most scared of and made you understand what suffering is.

Fu Hanzheng brushed away the hair that fell over her face, feeling nothing towards Fu Shiyi who was still screaming dreadfully.

“He needs to get some blood into his brain, so he knows how not to be stupid.”

After a few minutes, the rope around Fu Shiyi’s feet did not pull or drop him any more. He was helped to land safely onto the ground.

He looked pale and distracted.

Although the whole process only lasted a few minutes, he felt as if he had died hundreds of times.

At the top of the tower, Fu Hanzheng glanced at her when he knew that he had landed.

“Want to let him do it again?”

Gu Weiwei shook her head quickly. She could not be so cruel as to drop him again, after hearing his screaming.

Seeing the wind blowing hard, Fu Hanzheng took hold of her and said, “Then let’s go home.”

Gu Weiwei pointed at the jumping board. “I want to have a go.”

Fu Hanzheng frowned. “It is a very dangerous sport.”

“…” Gu Weiwei’s lips twitched.

So he did not think that it was dangerous for his own brother?

“Don’t worry, I am much braver than he is!”

“That doesn’t work either.” Fu Hanzheng countered.

“Just once, alright? I have always wanted to try it!”

Gu Weiwei showed one of her fingers, begging him.

When she was at the Gu Family, she was forbidden to try any extreme sports because they were dangerous.

Fu Hanzheng looked down, removed his suit jacket and gave it to Lei Meng.

“Then let’s do it together!”

They put on the helmets and equipment.

Fu Hanzheng ordered repeated examinations of the gear and led her over to the board. She looked both excited and scared.

“You really want to try it?”

“Yes.” Gu Weiwei nodded excitedly.

Fu Hanzheng took a deep breath, took hold of her waist and jumped off with her from the tower.

She closed her eyes nervously in his arms, but opened her eyes when she was pulled up.

She could not help but utter a loud scream because of the excitement.

The moment she jumped off the board, she had been so scared but with Fu Hanzheng surrounding her, she did not feel any fear after a few seconds.

Lying on the ground below them, Fu Shiyi watched the two of them coming down, holding each other tightly.

After a few falls and pulls, the two of them ceased halfway, as the rope helped them to land.

Then he saw them kissing…

Fu Shiyi turned around and looked into the sky, feeling helpless.

He had just been tormented and now they were showing off their love in front of him. What a difficult life!

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