My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 268 - Fu Hanzheng and His Brother

Chapter 268: Fu Hanzheng and His Brother

An hour later, Fu Shiyi arrived at Jinxiu Compound.

However, instead of getting out of the car immediately, he stayed inside and texted Mu Weiwei first.

[Sister-in-law Weiwei, how is my brother doing right now?]

Due to the hangover, Gu Weiwei was having her massaged by Fu Hanzheng, so she replied.

[He is good and he has arranged his men to remove all of the gossip reports and the hot search headlines]

Seeing this, Fu Shiyi seemed to feel that he was no longer in danger.

So he replied.

[Then, please ask my brother, can I go up now?]

Gu Weiwei asked after receiving the message.

“Third Master asks if he can come up now?”

Fu Hanzheng stopped the hands that were massaging her head. “Do you want to take revenge?”

“Of course, he has set me up so many times!”

Whenever she thought about what happened the night before, she felt extremely annoyed.

Fu Hanzheng patted her back and said, “Go and get changed, then we can go out.”

Gu Weiwei raised her eyebrows. “Where are we going?”

“Somewhere we can take revenge on him.” Fu Hanzheng said.

Hearing that she was going to be able to take revenge, she instantly got changed and went downstairs with him.

The two had just come downstairs when they saw Lei Meng and two of his men.

Fu Shiyi suddenly realized that something was wrong when he caught sight of Lei Meng, so he instantly turned around and tried to run away.

However, before he was able to open the door his car keys were taken.

Fu Hanzheng squinted at him coldly and said, “Take him to that place.”

“No, please, don’t!”

Fu Shiyi wanted to run away but Lei Meng instantly took hold of him.

“Third Master, don’t struggle. You are going there either on your feet or with the rope I will tie around you.”

Gu Weiwei followed Fu Hanzheng and entered the car, only to hear Fu Shiyi screaming in pain and getting pushed into the car behind them.

The two cars left the apartment and drove in a northwards direction.

Gu Weiwei could hear Fu Shiyi’s groans from the car behind them…

Where were they going? What made this proud Third Master so scared?

Thirty minutes later, the cars pulled over at the symbolic tower of the capital city, the place for bungee jumping.

Fu Shiyi looked up at the tower and almost collapsed.

“Please, help me sister-in-law, I am dying!”

This place was the shade of his life and whenever he caught sight of it, he would have a living nightmare.

Gu Weiwei turned around and tried to check on him, when Fu Hanzheng took hold of her shoulders and walked in first with her.

Lei Meng and another bodyguard of the Fu Family took hold of Fu Shiyi and went up in another elevator.

The elevator rose all the way to the top, where the bungee jumpers were supposed to take the leap off of the building.

Fu Shiyi almost burst into tears when he was taken out of the elevator by Lei Meng.

“Are you my brother or not? I help you but you betray me!”

“If I wasn’t your brother, I would have tossed you down myself.”

Fu Hanzheng stood aside with Gu Weiwei and watched Lei Meng put on the bungee jumping equipment for Fu Shiyi.

“If you can’t control your own words, we will visit this place every month.”

Fu Shiyi suddenly thought of how he had commented on his brother the night before. Damn, his second brother had sold him out again!

As he was cursing Fu Shiqin inwardly, Lei Meng and the men had already helped (forced) him into the equipment.

Then they pushed him over to the board.

Fu Shiyi groaned fiercely as he grasped Lei Meng tightly.

“I am not doing it, I am not doing it, I will die! I just said one word about you and now you are using this method on me again!”

Heights were the thing he feared above everything else.

When he deserted the company, just to become a superstar, his brother made him jump from here three times… he had been thoroughly traumatized but today, just because of one mean word…

Fu Hanzheng ordered coldly. “Send him down.”

It was not the first time for him to make mean comments like last night and today was a punishment for all of his crimes put together.

Plus, his girlfriend wasn’t happy either.

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