My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 267 - Headlines with Fu Shiyi

Chapter 267: Headlines with Fu Shiyi

Fu Shiyi was frozen for a few seconds and countered in a pretentiously innocent tone.

“What 0.01mm?”

Oh man!

He had just helped his brother get her and now he was selling him out already?!

Did he want to or not want to keep this girl in his arms? Why was he trying to kill his guide?

Hearing his tone, Gu Weiwei said with an indifferent tone,

“What about explaining that to your brother yourself?”

“I don’t want to be killed.” Fu Shiyi said straightforwardly.

For him, home was like the Halls of Hell.

His brother would not hit him or curse him, when he tried to punish him or his second brother but he would always find out what they feared most of all to torment them, so that they would be deeply traumatized.

“I am here for you too.” Gu Weiwei said and decided to lure him into a false sense of security, before taking revenge.

Fu Shiyi said, “You… you will explain everything to my brother, right?”

He tried to cozy up to her but the headlines had appeared. Damn it!

Gu Weiwei took a look at Fu Hanzheng who was answering a call for work and said with a friendly tone, “Just come home first.”

Fu Shiyi thought for a while and decided to take a risk and go home.

“When I come home later, you must console my brother first and I will only enter through the door when you give me the signal.”

Gu Weiwei grinned and showed her teeth. “Okay, you wait for my signal.”

Fu Shiyi had just hung up when a call from the old house rang through.

Mrs. Fu was calling him and snapped angrily at him.

“What is wrong with you and Mu Weiwei?”

Fu Shiyi said, “Mom, I am busy, let’s talk later.”

“What do you mean later? She pestered your brother and now she is with you! Is she trying to ruin our family or not?”

After Mrs. Fu read the reports in the magazine and found out that her youngest son was in the headlines with Mu Weiwei, she just could not stand it any more.

“Mom, no, we are not doing anything.” Fu Shiyi was driving as he was explaining.

She was not pestering his brother, but his brother who was pestering her, okay? He was trying all he could just to marry her so that she could have his baby.

Having heard these words, Mrs. Fu sounded even fiercer.

“What do you mean nothing?! You must tell me the truth, were you with her last night or not?”

Fu Shiyi just could not anymore. “No, we were not!”

She was in his brother’s bed. How could she have been with him?

Hearing him being untruthful, Mrs. Fu’s anger bubbled over.

“Tell me the truth, did you sleep together?”

Fu Shiyi said, “I…”

He would never dare to sleep with her. A rumor like that would kill him!

“I don’t care if you do anything with those superstars or models but don’t mess around with Mu Weiwei! Tell your second brother to stay away from her too. She is aiming at you two because she can’t have your big brother…” Mrs. Fu warned Fu Shiyi in a serious tone.

Actually, when Mu Weiwei first moved into the Fu Family, she didn’t dislike her.

There was no daughter in the Fu Family, and she would have liked her to be one, if she had been obedient but she had kept pestering Fu Hanzheng and making a big fuss in the family.

What a terrible girl! The Fu Family took her in because of what her grandfather had done but she was never going to marry any of her sons!

Hearing her nagging, Fu Shiyi felt his head aching.

It was his brother who kept pestering her, not the other way around.

What was his mother doing, when she had urged her son to give her a grandson as soon as possible, without knowing who the girlfriend was?

“Alright, mom, I have very important affairs to handle right now!”

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