My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 266 - Rumor with Fu Shiyi

Chapter 266: Rumor with Fu Shiyi

Fu Hanzheng turned back to the phone call with Fu Shiqin and his gaze looked lethal.

Fu Shiqin understood that they had finished watching the report, judging from what he could hear through the phone.

“Now your girlfriend and Third Brother are hitting the headlines too! It is taking over the news all over the internet.”

“Many people support this couple, do you know what that means? That means Wei and Yi look cute together, pretty annoying huh?”

Fu Hanzheng sounded cold. “Finished?”

Fu Shiqin instantly stopped stimulating his brother. “I know where he is, want to punch him?”

He finally got the chance to set up his brother.

Sitting closely to him, Gu Weiwei could clearly hear Fu Shiqin’s voice coming through Fu Hanzheng’s phone.

These two brothers were again trying to frame each other.

Fu Shiqin waited for a few seconds and added even more information, when Fu Hanzheng did not reply.

“Last night, he said that he had delivered the meat right into your mouth and that if you don’t eat it… you’re a monster!”

Gu Weiwei frowned and suddenly thought of the things in the paper bag in the room.

She seemed to have spotted these things in Fu Shiyi’s car the night before.

And then she thought of what Fu Shiqin said… so those things were not prepared by Fu Hanzheng but by Fu Shiyi!

Also, it was him who had kept asking her to make toasts and get drunk, so that when she went home she was almost unconscious.

Coldness hovered over Fu Hanzheng’s face and he ended the call.

He had tried to ask Shiyi about what had happened but seeing that what he had done last night had caused someone to like him more, he had decided to ignore it… but it seemed that he was getting out of hand now.


In the meantime Fu Shiyi had just finished making a commercial when he saw the headlines. He almost collapsed.

Damn those people!

Did he look like he was courting her?

He was helping his brother protect his girlfriend! He was being very loyal!

His agent Luo Jiaming did not take the gossip seriously. Besides, the majority of the comments were positive which made him feel even less concerned.

“Well, the gossip is out, what about creating a story between you two? It would be cute!”

“Damn you, I am going to die soon!”

With his phone in hand, Fu Shiqin ran outside in a hurry.

He drove away from the commercial site, wondering if he should go home to beg for forgiveness or simply run away to a foreign country instead.

He could even imagine the horrible expression in his brother’s eyes when he saw the news.

It must like an icy blade that kept on stabbing him to death.

After spending a long time panicking, he decided to make a call to his sister-in-law-to-be instead.

After all, she was the only person who could calm his brother down.

Seeing the incoming call, Gu Weiwei snorted. He was delivering himself up as a sacrifice, even before she went to find him.

“Sister-in-law, I was driving you home last night and some journalists snapped pictures of us and if my brother knows about it…”

“He already knows about it.”

Gu Weiwei sounded annoyed. She had thought of more than a hundred ways to punish him.

Hearing these words, Fu Shiyi was so frightened that he almost burst into tears. He said with a pleading tone, “You understand pretty well that I was just driving you home, right? You will explain that to my brother, right? I have already contacted the PR team and soon the news will be suppressed.”

His brother and her were in a secretive relationship, so what would his brother think if the whole world thought that his sister-in-law and him were a couple?

Gu Weiwei drank some water calmly and asked with a cold voice, “I don’t care about the gossip but what about the superthin 0.01mm packet?”

He had purposefully asked the cast to get her drunk, so that he could send her to his brother’s bed afterwards.

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