My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: B*tch and Filth

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However, before she even reached the doorstep, a drilling scream from Wang Weidong arose in the room.

Zhou Meiqin returned in a hurry and saw that the girl, who had been too weak to fight back a minute ago, had taken ahold of Wang Weidong’s hair and banged his head against the wall.

Blood gushed out of Wang Weidong’s head and he passed out.

“President Wang? President Wang?”

Zhou Meiqin kneeled down by Wang Weidong’s side and glared at Gu Weiwei who had hurt him so badly.

“Do you know how important this man is? Are you planning to drag the entire family down with you?”

They had spent so much effort to get in touch with President Wang and now she had ruined everything.

“Since you want me to suffer. Then we can suffer together.”

Gu Weiwei pulled out a napkin and wiped off the traces of blood on her hands slowly.

She had been kidnapped before when she was little, so the Gu Family had hired a martial arts teacher who had subsequently taught her how to defend herself, so that she could get out of danger when it came.

Yet she had always been under the protection of the Gu Family’s bodyguards, and even when she was on an outing, her master would be with her too.

With martial arts skills, she always lacked the opportunity of using them, until today.

“Didn’t you… already drink the wine?”

Zhou Meiqin noticed that her eyes were clear and bright, nothing like someone who had been drugged.

She saw with her own eyes through the crack of the door that she drank the entire contents of the cup. With that amount of drugs inside her, she would hardly have any strength to beat anyone up.

“I did, but I spat it out later.”


She had been aware that Zhou Linna would not have such a good heart. So she drank up the wine in front of her face to make her believe her. A moment afterwards, she went into the bathroom to spit out the drink.


Although she also vomited out her lunch. In this way, their true faces were shown.

At the beginning, she could have just grabbed her things and left, because Zhou Linna would never have been able to stop her either.

However, she would rather stay to see what they were up to anyway.


They thought that Mu Weiwei was homeless and an orphan, so that was why she could be at their mercy. However, she was not the Mu Weiwei who was going to be at their mercy at all.

Zhou Meiqin could not help but shiver when she caught sight of the girl’s piercing look.

“I am kind-hearted enough to find you a good place to stay seeing that you are now homeless. Yet you not only refuse to accept my kindness, but have also hurt people!”

“Oh really?” Gu Weiwei sneered as she approached her step by step.

“Mrs. Li is indeed considerate.”

Zhou Meiqin took a step backwards out of instinct and retreated into the bedroom. She had wanted to lock the door to ask for help when Gu Weiwei kicked the door open and entered the room.

Gu Weiwei threw a look at the various kinds of s*x toys on the bed, picked up a pair of handcuffs and said with a smile, “Since Mrs. Li is so considerate, I must repay you with something too.”

Having said those words, she gave a violent push to Zhou Meiqin who ended up falling on the bed. Then she took one of her hands and handcuffed it to one side of the bed and the other to the other side of the bed.

Zhou Meiqin was older than she was but she had been used to living a cozy life, so she was unable to fight back at all.

“Mu Weiwei, what are you doing? Your father will punish you if you keep making a mess!”

“He was no longer my father ever since he slept with you. So stop saying that he is my father and you are my godmother. I am so disgusted by all of you.”

Gu Weiwei handcuffed Zhou Meiqin, and found a pair of scissors from under the bed. Then she sat down next to Zhou Meiqin.

Zhou Meiqin began to shiver at the sight of the sharp blades in her hands. She started to try to persuade Mu Weiwei by putting forward some so-called reasonable arguments.

“I never asked the Mu Family to help me. The Mu Family had been totally voluntary! Your father and I really love each other. We had tried not to hurt your mother, otherwise we would….”

“B*tch and filth! May your true love last forever.”


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