My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Serves Zhou Meiqin Right

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Gu Weiwei said as she slowly cut open Zhou Meiqin’s expensive custom-made dress, so that her plump body was revealed little by little.

Finally, she only had a pair of lacy underpants left on.

“Stop it now, Mu Weiwei!”

“Stop now, help! Help! Someone help…”


Seeing that the situation was going against her plans, Zhou Meiqin became so scared that she turned pale. She cried out for help hysterically.

However, what she had forgotten was that she had found a suite with the greatest sound-proofing just in case Mu Weiwei refused to obey Wang Weidong.

Therefore, no matter how loud she cried, no one could hear her voice.

After preparing her, Mu Weiwei dragged Wang Weidong who had passed out into the room. In full force, she carried the man onto the bed so that he laid upon Zhou Meiqin’s pure and white body.

Zhou Meiqin lost her mind and started to scream. However, her hands were restrained and she was totally unable to push that chubby old man away from her.

Gu Weiwei took out the cell phone and snapped some pictures of this flirty couple, from different angles too.

Zhou Meiqin was totally frightened. She had ruined her makeup and her voice had become hoarse.

Then she started to beg for mercy.

“Weiwei, please let me go, I will let you stay at my place and help you go to school. Didn’t you always want to study in Italy? We will help you with everything….”

Gu Weiwei took a look at the scattered clothes and wiped off the tears from her face as she sneered.

“My mother was fooled by your terrible acting skills for so many years. You pretended to be her best friend yet you hooked up with Li Jiacheng on the sly, robbed her of the Mu Family’s properties. Do you expect that I will believe you now and let you go?”

“I am serious! If you do not like President Wang, I as your godmother will not force you to keep him company. I saw you growing up and I even hugged you before…”


Zhou Meiqin knew that being harsh to her would not help at all. So she started to behave sentimentally, hoping that she would be soft-hearted and let her go.

Gu Weiwei wiped off her makeup. “Look at your ruined makeup. President Wang will be so disappointed later.”

“Mu Weiwei, you damn maniac of a woman! I will punish you to death if anything happens to me. So will President Wang! If you do not want to die, try me!”

Zhou Meiqin was so annoyed that she almost cracked her teeth.

Gu Weiwei picked up Zhou Meiqin’s Hermes handbag leisurely and found the remaining drug powder inside.

“You drugged me with this, didn’t you?”

Having said this, she then poured a glass of champagne.

Then she poured the powder into the glass and came over to the bedside with the glass in her hand.

Zhou Meiqin shook her head in fright at the sight of the cup. “Get it away from me, I am not drinking it! Never!”

“Don’t worry, I am leaving this wonderful thing to this most important guest of yours.”

Having said the words, Gu Weiwei grabbed hold of Wang Weidong’s face and poured the drink down into Wang Weidong’s throat.

Wang Weidong woke up after being choked by the champagne. With one hand on his forehead, he pointed at Gu Weiwei by the bedside with the other.

“You filthy girl…”

“President Wang, catch her now!”

Wang Weidong turned to the woman who was speaking. As the supple body of the woman greeted his eyes, he suddenly felt like he was burning up.

The drug had started to work, and Wang Weidong was too possessed to talk with Gu Weiwei.

Like a wild beast, he threw himself upon Zhou Meiqin.

Zhou Meiqin screamed out of humiliation and turned to Gu Weiwei with a pair of sharp eyes. “Mu Weiwei, you are going to hell! Hell!”

“Mrs. Li, just enjoy this wonderful, wonderful night.” Gu Weiwei sneered and shut the door. She took hold of her luggage and left the suit without taking a look back.

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