My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: The Evil Zhou Meiqin

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After Zhou Linna left, Zhou Meiqin answered a call and informed the man of the room number.

Gu Weiwei sat there with a pair of drowsy eyes. President Wang from Tiansheng Media was a very famous dirty old man according to the gossip newspapers.

He was especially interested in toying with young maidens in their teens. Some reports once revealed how a young model became disabled by him and killed herself.

After Zhou Meiqin took everything away from the Mu Family, she even wanted to present her to such a horrible man. What an evil-hearted person!

A few minutes later, the door-bell rang. Zhou Meiqin opened the door earnestly.

“Here you are, President Wang.”

A beer bellied middle aged man came in with Zhou Meiqin. He sized up Gu Weiwei on the sofa with a pair of horny eyes.

She was indeed his type, pure and innocent. Her figure could be outstanding even in a competition with other stars in the entertainment circle.

He had eyes out for Li Xing’er from the Li Family, but what he had not expected was that someone hundreds of times more attractive was in store for him.

Zhou Meiqin threw a look at Wang Weidong’s drooling face and understood that he was satisfied with her arrangements. So she said, “President Wang, since you are satisfied with this girl, then the collaboration with Longsheng…”

“Don’t worry. Mrs. Li has been so considerate, so we will definitely collaborate with you over this project. We can do the signing tomorrow.”

Wang Weidong’s eyes swam over Gu Weiwei greedily as one of his hands started to feel the maiden’s slender thigh.

The maiden was like a blooming flower. She looked so tender, pretty and tempting from head to toe.

Gu Weiwei was wearing a pair of jeans. She felt like vomiting out of disgust even with pants on.

Hearing that the signing was going to take place the following day, Zhou Meiqin thanked Wang Weidong happily and added.

“President Wang, my daughter Xing’er would like to act in the movie. Can you give us a hand as well? Xing’er has been quite popular and you must know that a movie with her in it will definitely win prizes…”

That movie was directed by a multiple prize winning director and if Xing’er played the leading role, the movie was definitely going to win prizes.

With the important collaboration done, the Li Family would soon become one of the nobilities in the capital city.

She was never wealthy enough to be at some of the wealthy-lady gatherings in Yuefang Pavilion.

After the collaboration was done, they would beg her to be one of them.

“I will call the director soon. The leading role is definitely going to belong to Miss. Li.”

Wang Weidong was in a good mood. He agreed with every proposal.

“Thank you very much President Wang.” Zhou Meiqin smiled in a flattering way but threw a very cold look at Gu Weiwei.

“Weiwei, be docile. President Wang can help you with everything you need. That’s better than being homeless, right? It is an opportunity no one else is able to get.”

“If it is such a good opportunity, why not ask your own daughter to take it?”

With teeth clenched, Gu Weiwei looked cold in the eyes.

She was lured here and drugged.

Because she was a bargaining chip for Longsheng Enterprise and Li Xing’ers movie opportunity.


She had to go through all the bitterness and they would take all the benefits. This was indeed a fine plan.

Wang Weidong was too eager and couldn’t wait any longer. He threw an impatient look at Zhou Meiqin and indicated that she should leave as soon as possible, so that he would not be disturbed.

“I will be waiting for your good news tomorrow.”

Zhou Meiqin left in full glee. She just couldn’t wait to inform her baby daughter of this wonderful piece of news.

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