My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Zhou Linna’s Evil Plan 2

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When Gu Weiwei came out of the bathroom again, she had already started to wobble. She staggered over to the sofa using her hands against the wall for balance, losing all the energy to get up.

“What did you do… to the champagne?”


“Something that can make you docile.” Having said that, Zhou Linna opened the door to another room in the suit.

“Auntie, all is ready.”

A middle aged, fit and wealthy lady dressed in a custom-made suit walked out of the room and watched Gu Weiwei who had collapsed onto the sofa from a commanding viewpoint.

Gu Weiwei recognized her. She was the very one that caused the death of Mu Weiwei’s mother after seducing her father.

Not long ago, Zhou Meiqin married Li Jiacheng and she was none other than Zhou Linna’s auntie.

“What… are you doing?”

Zhou Meiqin sat down and said earnestly.

“Don’t worry. We mean no harm. It is just that… we heard that you are homeless and have been suffering a great deal out on the streets, and you even have no school to go to…”

“I am homeless all because of you.” Gu Weiwei sneered.

Without the Mu Family’s funding years back, Zhou Meiqin might not even have been able to finish school at all.

Let alone going abroad for studies or becoming the director of Longsheng Enterprise

But she was not satisfied with any of these things. She had seduced Li Jiacheng and ganged up with him so as to keep control of the company.


After Mu Yao passed away, she and Li Jiacheng not only refused to feel guilty, but also got married and started to live together, occupying the Mu Family’s properties.

What was she doing here pretending to be someone so kind-hearted.

“Stop being so stupid. I just want you to have a better life, after all, President Wang of Tiansheng Media doesn’t accept everyone.”

Zhou Linna looked at her disdainfully. She had been tolerating her for a very long time after she had embarrassed her in school that time before.

Recently, her auntie helped her cousin to get in touch with this year’s blockbuster which was invested in by Tiansheng Media, and the director happened to be the multiple prize winning Yi An.

Her cousin had been quite popular, but she had always failed to get any chances to play in a movie.

If she was able to participate in the movie, her cousin would not only get numerous resources but also a highly-enhanced position in the entertainment industry. It would also be very easy for her to get the prize for Best Actress.

In addition, Tiansheng Media and Longsheng Enterprise had been going through a very important collaboration recently and President Wang was the key point in this case.

President Wang had eyes for her cousin, but her cousin was on a very promising road right now and she was definitely not going to please this dirty old man called Wang Weidong.

Therefore, they sent Mu Weiwei’s pictures to him and President Wang was very pleased. He wanted to meet this girl today.

That was why she helped auntie to get Mu Weiwei here.

Since she had drunk the wine with the drugs inside, she would be at President Wang’s mercy.

With Mu Weiwei as the present, her cousin was not only going to get important movie resources, but Longsheng Enterprise would also reach the important collaboration.

More importantly, Mu Weiwei, who was her barrier, would also be removed.

After all, her performance with the piano the other day would definitely make her an all-time winner if she ever attended the Capital Music School with her in the upcoming future.

Also, after she became President Wang’s toy, Master Lv was definitely not going to like someone who had been in someone else’s bed so many times, no matter how much he liked her now.


Therefore, giving Mu Weiwei to Wang Weidong was going to bring them nothing other than benefits. What was the point of not doing it anyways?

Zhou Meiqin checked the time and urged her Aunt after seeing that President Wang was almost here.

“Linna, you can go home first. You are done here.”

Zhou Linna nodded, grabbed the bag and was about to leave when she sneered at Gu Weiwei one last time.

“Mu Weiwei, just stay docile and be someone else’s toy from now on. After all, you do have a foxy looking face for it, don’t you?”

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