My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Zhou Linna’s Evil Plan

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The air in the room became scarily cold.

“You are gay, everyone in your family is gay!” Fu Shiqin instantly started to defend his own brother.

He Chi threw a look at Gu Weiwei’s room and whispered to Fu Shiqin.

“Your brother is indeed a monster to have approached such a young child.”

Fu Hanzheng was just walking out of the room when he said one last thing.

“Fu’s Enterprise will take back the funding for your new studies tomorrow.”

Hearing that his money for clinical studies was taken back, He Chi instantly ran after him.

“President Fu, President Fu, please, I was just surprised! That girl is pure and lovely and you are a destined couple! You indeed have a great taste for beauty…”

Fu Shiqin, who was following behind his brother, was both speechless and amused when he watched He Chi trying to suck up to his brother without caring about his own image.

Actually, he also had the same doubts as He Chi did before his brother slept with Mu Weiwei.

After all, he was a man who was almost 30 years old and he had never dated or approached any woman. He even refused to get married… That was indeed too weird.

Fu Shiqin had already changed his opinions towards Mu Weiwei, after she helped to distinguish the forgery and managed to persuade Ming Zongyuan to give a hand in completing the collaboration with Wilson Group.

Since Mu Weiwei was not that scary-looking, he would no longer prevent her from running after his brother.


As the noise outside the room faded away, Gu Weiwei relieved herself by crying loudly sitting on the floor, with her arms wrapped around her.

She had been searching news about A Land during the past few days.

The Gu Family didn’t host a funeral for her and no one had paid condolences to her death.

What was more, no one outside the family knew that Gu Weiwei was already dead.

Even Gu Siting’s mother. whom she respected and loved deeply, was standing out there for Ling Yan instead.

Yes, Ling Yan had taken her heart, so she got to live on.

She thought that even if she returned to them and stood right in front of them, no one was going to believe that she was Gu Weiwei.

And she was no longer able to return to the home she used to depend on so deeply.

The man who used to regard her as the apple of his eye did not love her as deeply as she had imagined.

She cried for a while and wiped away the tears on her face.

Since God gave her another chance to live, he did not plan to make her a wretched woman who knew nothing but to shed tears and complain about life.

Soon, we are going to meet, Ling Yan.

She got herself changed and went to Luo Qianqian’s home to help her and Ji Chang with piano lessons.

On the way home in the afternoon, Zhou Linna called.

“Mu Weiwei, do you still want your crap?”

“Where is it?”

She had planned to get her things back from the Li Family recently, but that girl had now come to her first.

“I will send you the address. I will toss them away if you don’t arrive at six pm.”

Having said her words, Zhou Linna hung up the phone.

A moment later, a text came through.

It was neither the Li Family’s home nor the Zhou Family’s home.Instead, it was an address to a five-star hotel.

She took the taxi to the hotel and saw Zhou Linna sitting in the lounge waiting for her.

She was dressed in the latest dress of the season and had a Dior handbag with her, looking just like a daughter from a wealthy family.

“Where are my things?”

Zhou Linna stood up and walked to the elevator. “Upstairs in the room. Come and get them yourself.”


Gu Weiwei followed her upstairs and entered into a first-rate suit, where she saw Mu Weiwei’s luggage.

“We did have some clashes and feelings of unhappiness before. I am now returning your things to you today to make peace between us.” Zhou Linna said to her as she poured two glasses of champagne.

“Drink up the champagne and we will cancel our grievances once and for all.”

Gu Weiwei took the glass and drank all of it.

“Can I borrow the bathroom?”

Zhou Linna pointed in the direction of the bathroom and smiled a sinister smile as she watched her going into the bathroom.

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