My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Fu Hanzheng was Being too Concerned

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The piercing sound drew Fu Hanzheng’s, and everyone else’s, attention.

Gu Weiwei hurriedly squatted down to tidy up the scattered pieces on the floor, trying hard to conceal her suspicious panicking and paleness.

However, what she had seen kept on repeating itself in her brain.

So much so that she did not even feel a touch of pain when a scattered piece ripped through the skin of her finger.

Fu Hanzheng approached her and grabbed ahold of her bleeding finger.


Fu Shiqin grabbed some paper and found a bandage.

Xu Qian quickly tidied up the scattered porcelain on the floor.

Fu Hanzheng wiped off the traces of blood on her finger and wrapped up the wound with a bandage.

As he looked up, he saw the girl looking rather pale with tears rolling in her eyes, as if she were trying to tolerate an unbearable pain.

Fu Hanzheng frowned and threw a look at Xu Qian.

“Call He Chi.”

Fu Shiqin scratched his head weirdly. “Does it hurt that much when you cut your finger?”

She had not even uttered a sound when she tried to run away from home by climbing over the wall at the old house. What made her so delicate today?

Xu Qian dialed the private doctor of the Fu Family and then passed the phone to Fu Hanzheng after the call went through.

Fu Hanzheng. “Twenty minutes, come to Jinxiu Compound.”

He Chi on the other side of the phone complained drowsily.

“President. Fu, I have just gotten off work after doing four operations. Can you have some humanity and let me rest instead by visiting the emergency counter yourself?”

“It is urgent. You must be here.” Fu Hanzheng’s voice sounded cold.

He Chi took a deep breath. Then he was getting out of the bed and asked.

“What are the symptoms?”

“Outer wound, bleeding, looking very pale.”

“How did it happen? How much is the bleeding?”

Fu Hanzheng thought for a moment and said.

“By scattered porcelain, about… 3cc.”

The man who had gotten ready to leave on the other side of the phone got so pissed that he wanted to smash his phone.

“I have a seven-figure annual salary! Am I just someone who puts on a bandage?”

“You have only eighteen minutes left, or I will take back the funding for your new studies.”

Having said those words, Fu Hanzheng hung up the cell-phone directly.

Seventeen minutes later, a man wearing glasses with unkempt hair entered the room out of breath. Then he threw a glare at Fu Hanzheng.

“You better not get sick and end up being on my operation table one day.”

Or he would make him into a specimen.

Ignoring his threats, Fu Hanzheng pointed at Gu Weiwei who was sitting on the sofa in silence and looking pale

He Chi walked up, and revealed the bandage to check the wound, felt the pulse and made a diagnosis.

“The wound is fine, but she may have gotten frightened by something. She will be fine in a while.”

“Frightened by something?”

Fu Shiqin mumbled. She got frightened because she had scattered the tableware?

When he had gotten injured and been hospitalized before, his brother didn’t even stop working to visit him.

And now, when Mu Weiwei just lost some droplets of blood.

He not only got He Chi here, but also postponed his work hours, which he had never changed before.

He was being way too concerned, wasn’t he?

Gu Weiwei cane back to herself, stood up and said.

“I am fine. You can leave now.”

Having said those words, she returned to her own room and locked the door.

He Chi turned to Fu Hanzheng as he watched the back figure of the young girl.

“Your love-child?”

What a strange thing that there could be a girl in the world that made Fu Hanzheng so concerned.

Fu Hanzheng threw a side, cold look at him. “No.”

Fu Shiqin became so frightened by what He Chi said that the steamed bun got stuck in his throat. Then he explained after he swallowed down the bun with difficulty.

“Maybe she is a girlfriend-to-be.”


“Girlfriend?” He Chi grabbed a steamed bun from his hand and asked in astonishment.

“Isn’t he gay?”


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