My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 258 - Fu Hanzheng in the Dream

Chapter 258: Fu Hanzheng in the Dream

Fu Hanzheng received the call, put down whatever he was doing and went downstairs.

Fu Shiyi opened the door and said proudly,

“Look at what I have for you, you can bring her up and have some fun.”

Fu Hanzheng’s face sank. “I told you that she should not touch alcohol!”

“With alcohol inside her, you can do whatever you want and have fun with her!” Fu Shiyi urged as he leaned against the car.

“This kind of moment is rare, hurry up!”

Fu Hanzheng glanced at him coldly and carried the red-faced girl, out of the car.

With her eyes partially closed, Gu Weiwei gazed at his face, which was so close to her and frowned, mumbling, “Fu Hanzheng, what are you doing… in my dream again?”

Fu Hanzheng looked at her in astonishment. So she had dreamt about him before?

Fu Shiyi grabbed a paper bag from the car, as well as Gu Weiwei’s luggage and followed them upstairs.

Fu Hanzheng carried the girl back into their room and was about to place her onto the bed, when the girl reached out and held onto his neck.

“Don’t leave, please let me hold you for a while, just a little while.”

Her voice sounded so soft that he felt his heart throbbing hard in his chest.

Fu Shiyi entered with a paper bag and took out everything, one after the other, and placed them on the bed as he said,

“Look at this, 001mm super-thin condom, ten should be enough right?”

“Here is the lubricant and…”

He was so obsessed in recounting his purchases that he barely noticed that his brother’s face had turned dark like thunder.

Fu Shiyi clapped his hands proudly after he presented everything he had ordered and said, “Alright then, that is all I can do for you, I will leave the rest to you.”

He smiled and then said words of encouragement to his brother with clenched fists, “Fighting!”

Having spoken, he closed the door as he left the room.

As he was leaving the room, he pulled away Fu Shiqin, who was in the middle of doing work in the study.

Fu Shiqin said, “Get lost, I am working on the plan for the morning session!”

Fu Shiyi patted his shoulders and tried to persuade him as he was moving his brother’s things.

“Then go downstairs to do work, alright? With you here, our brother can’t release himself!”

Ah, what a perfect brother he was!

Closing his laptop, Fu Shiqin had to go downstairs with his files in his arms.

“Why are you so obsessed about our brother and his love life? It’s official, you are mental!”

“I am being a nice brother!” Fu Shiyi argued.

Of course, he only intervened because he expected to get something out of his brother.

Fu Shiqin said, “You never do anything unless it benefits you!”

With his laptop in his arms, he led Fu Shiyi downstairs to their private cinema.

“Don’t dwell on those tiny matters. The sexual happiness of our brother matters more.”

Fu Shiqin sorted out his things and got back to work.

“If our brother wanted to do something with her, he would have done it ages ago! He doesn’t need your help!”

Fu Shiyi leaned against the sofa and as he crossed the legs, he said confidently, “Do you want to bet that our brother will sleep with her tonight? If that truly happens, then give me the latest sports car.”

Fu Shiqin squinted at him. “What if you lose?”

Fu Shiyi said, “If I lose, I will dress as a woman at my next concert!”

Fu Shiqin smiled brightly and waved the phone in his hand.

“Your words have been recorded, don’t ever try to deny whatever you have promised. Or I will tell Mu Weiwei that you have done to her!”

The two had been seated for half an hour when Fu Shiyi mumbled, with his eyes on the ceiling, “Has this house really been so well sound-proofed?”

There was no sound coming through at all and they were just right below his brother’s bedroom.

Fu Shiqin snorted as he worked.

“Do you really think that our brother is as monstrous as you are?”

Fu Shiyi said, “I have given him the best piece of meat to taste in his mouth! If he doesn’t take it, he’s worse than a monster!”

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