My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 257 - : To Brother's Bed

Chapter 257: To Brother’s Bed

Li Xing’er had failed to persuade Cheng Yibai to delete the post and she was just in the middle of thinking of how to suppress the matter, when a married superstar was exposed as having an affair and the news climbed to the top of the hot search list.

Therefore, the incident about her and Cheng Yibai fell out of focus.

Her agent and the company stressed that she should keep a low profile these next coming days and wait until this matter passed by.

Then she could try doing some charity events or attending reality shows that attracted fans, so that what had happened these last few days, could be forgotten.

The promotional event of the Long Wind finally came to an end, half a month after the movie hit the big screen.

The box office rose tremendously, reaching a figure of two billion yuan.

Gu Weiwei and the crew members took a three-hour flight all the way back to the capital and due to the busy schedule, they arranged a gathering dinner for after they got off the plane.

For one thing, they were celebrating for the box office numbers… and also because it was the last dinner the entire crew would have together.

Instead of putting away her luggage, Gu Weiwei headed straight for the hotel arranged by the crew.

As they arrived at the hotel, she made a call to Fu Hanzheng in a quiet corner.

“Dinner is being arranged here, I am not going home for dinner.”

Fu Hanzheng asked, “When does the dinner finish? I can come and pick you up.”

“No thanks, I can go home with Third Master.”

Gu Weiwei whispered as she looked about.

Fu Hanzheng thought for a while. “Don’t drink any alcohol.”

“I know! I am going in now.”

Gu Weiwei hung up when she heard the sound of footsteps.

She was on her way back to the room when she ran into Wei Ziting, who was on his way to meet Li Xing’er.

When Wei Ziting saw her, he spoke to her fiercely, “Mu Weiwei, Xing’er is your sister! Why are you trying to demean her, just so you can take her position with the help of your sugar daddy?”

Gu Weiwei sneered. So it seemed that Li Xing’er had told him that she had found a sugar daddy who had used some contacts to pull her down online.

So this girl was truly trying to demean her, but instead she ended up demeaning herself! That was why she had to put on a façade of weakness and tried to counter her by saying that she had a sugar daddy.

“If I had any intentions of demeaning her, she would have already left the entertainment industry by now!”

“Mu Weiwei, since when did you turn so unreasonable? Aunt Zhou used to treat you so nicely and just because she remarried your father, you regard everyone in the family as the enemy?”

Wei Ziting thought of how Mu Weiwei had claimed that she was going to one day make everyone feel regret, the moment she left home a long time ago.

It seemed that she was now trying to take revenge on them.

“Wei Ziting, we are no longer engaged, so who do you think you are that you can tell me what to do?”

Having said those words, Gu Weiwei walked into the room.

Since Wei Ziting was present, Li Xing’er stayed at the table for just half an hour and then left with him.

Gu Weiwei had obediently been drinking the fruit juice, yet after she had returned from visiting the bathroom, everyone started to make a toast to her.

Since everyone had been nice to her, she did not have any excuse to turn them down. So she took a sip with each of them but just after one round, she started to get dizzy.

When the dinner gathering finished, Jolin wanted to drive her back himself but Fu Shiyi suggested that he should do it.

Jolin looked at Fu Shiyi in disbelief. “Third Master, are you… trying to take advantage of her?”

“Damn you, when have I ever done anything to my employees?” Fu Shiyi cursed.

Jolin thought for a while and realized that this boss might be a womanizer but he had never done anything to the employees of his company.

“I don’t think that you would dare to either. Don’t forget that I have something over you.”

Fu Shiyi helped her into his car and drove straight to Jinxiu Compound. As he reached the parking lot, he made a call to his brother.

“Brother, I have a huge present for you, come down and get it!”

In order to get her drunk, so that she could end up in his brother’s bed, he had to exert a lot of effort.

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