My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 256 - Stone on Her Own Feet

Chapter 256: Stone on Her Own Feet

In the late promotional period of the Long Wind, Mu Weiwei and Fu Shiyi were becoming increasingly popular among the audience.

However, now the supporting actress had become so popular that the leading actress Li Xing’er, was put into the shadows.

Li Xing’er consequently felt really embarrassed.

Li Xing’er’s agent had arranged for someone to talk with Cheng Yibai in Beijing, hoping that Cheng Yibai would agree to delete his Weibo post or say something good about Li Xing’er.

However, Cheng Yibai turned down their request and elevated his post to the top of the hot search list.

Li Xing’er got so anxious that she failed to sleep throughout the entire night. She had such dark black rings under her eyes that no amount of concealer could hide them and she was also quite distracted at the promotional event the following day too.

Finally, it was time for them to go back to the hotel and take a rest.

Li Xing’er’s agent also tried different contacts and finally found someone who knew Cheng Yibai personally, so that Cheng Yibai agreed to talk with them over the phone.

They pondered over what to say in the room and called Cheng Yibai.

“Mr. Cheng, this is Li Xing’er.”

She made the call in person, trying to show her sincerity.

Cheng Yibai replied coldly, “What do you want?”

“Mr. Cheng, you have always been a senior professional that I admire and I am actually your fan too, I have also read your books.”

Li Xing’er knew exactly how to appeal to a person’s mind, so she called him and told him how much she admired his works, trying to establish a good impression with him.

“I reposted your post on Weibo because I thought that you were talking about me and I had wanted so much to gain your approval too… but I can’t control my fans’ comments and that was why it exploded.”

Cheng Yibai sounded much milder after hearing what she said, “No matter how much you want my approval, you still need to stay humble.”

“Yes, Mr. Cheng you are totally right, I am so, so sorry to have caused you trouble, I am still a young girl.” Li Xing’er stayed patient and admitted her mistakes.

If Cheng Yibai did not delete the post, she would be mocked by Mu Weiwei’s and Fu Shiyi’s fans and she would lose her popularity.

Cheng Yibai snorted. “A young girl? Mu Weiwei is younger than you, right, but she is not behaving like you are.”

On the day of the premiere, he talked with the girl and found her to be humble and modest, she was clever too.

Li Xing’er felt extremely annoyed but she still did not start an argument with him.

She memorized her lines until midnight and she still practised her martial arts after the filming was finished. Why was she not as good as Mu Weiwei when she had already worked so hard?

Director Yi liked her better and this Cheng person took her side too.

“Mr. Cheng, could you please… delete the post you put online? It has had a bad influence on my career.”

“I have been a film critic for so many years and whatever I have published can not be recalled. I think that you had better work hard on your acting if you want me to change my criticism”

Cheng Yibai did not want to talk about it anymore, so he hung up.

He always criticized popular stars without talent but none of them had dared to approach him and ask him to delete anything.

What was more, if she wanted to be part of the entertainment industry, she would have to accept the truth that her work would need to face all kinds of comments from the public.

It was never going to be easy for anyone in this industry – it would not work out well if she just wanted the good comments and deleted the bad ones.

The moment she hung up the phone, Li Xing’er burst out into cursing.

“This old dude, what on earth does he want?!”

He did not accept her presents and he refused to delete the post, even though she had basically knelt down on her knees.

Li Xing’er’s agent stood next to her in silence. She had tried to persuade her not to repost Cheng Yibai’s post before but she had turned down her suggestions.

Now Li Xing’er had smashed her own feet with her own stone and no one else but her should take the blame.

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