My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 259 - Looking Tasty

Chapter 259: Looking Tasty

The light in the bedroom looked gentle and warm and it was very quiet inside.

Fu Hanzheng put the girl into bed and he lay down next to her, letting her arms wrap around his neck.

When she got drunk last time, she wanted to break up with him, so he kept on telling her to not get drunk again.

But what she had said today pleased him a great deal.

Gu Weiwei’s face rubbed against the man’s neck and she said bitterly, “Fu Hanzheng, what should I do…”

She sniffed and tightened her grip around his neck.

“I am scared that you even though you like me now, you will lose interest in me in future…”

Slightly startled, Fu Hanzheng leaned sideways and kissed the girl’s reddened ears, mumbling in a small voice, “How could I lose interest in you?”

Gu Weiwei giggled dumbly and bit his neck.

“Fu Hanzheng, you are just like my… my…”

She loosened her grip and gazed at him, looking as if she were thinking about what he was like in her mind.

Fu Hanzheng’s voice sounded hoarse and low. “I am like your what?”

She must be telling the truth this time, considering that she was so drunk.

Gu Weiwei seemed to have thought of something and suddenly kissed him on the face, mumbling, “You are like my candy, and if I take a bite of you, I won’t be sad any longer…”

Fu Hanzheng took a deep breath. As the girl’s soft body wrapped herself deeper in his arms, her sweet scent made him feel possessed.

Normally, she would never throw herself into his arms.

He stretched out his hand and brushed the wayward strands of hair behind her ears, as he spoke in a very alluring tone, “Do you still want to eat this piece of candy?”

Gu Weiwei looked up with a pair of drunken eyes and the lips that gave off the scent of alcohol planted a kiss upon the man’s thin lips, before she nodded sweetly.

Fu Hanzheng smiled. Then his lips took hold of the girl’s moist lips and his tongue reached out for hers.

Gu Weiwei’s tongue turned numb from the kisses and her brain, which had been so dizzy, became even dizzier.

It took a long time before the man released her reddened lips.

She then reached out for Fu Hanzheng’s tie and intended to untie it yet ended up tightening it imstead.

Fu Hanzheng took hold of her hands and untied it himself.

He was about to unbutton his shirt when a soft hand took his hand and removed it from the buttons.

“Don’t, let me… let me do that.”

Having said those words, she pressed her hands against his chest and tried her best to unbutton his shirt, even though she was so drunk.

It took her five minutes before a button was undone.

She laughed at her victory when she succeeded and took a bite of his clavicle to show how happy she was.

Then she started to work on the second button.

The girl’s soft fingertips pressed against his shirt and rubbed against the skin of his chest through his clothes. Her breath was getting warmer and he felt it straight through the cloth of his shirt, as it rippled over his skin.

It was just all one big, gigantic torment for Fu Hanzheng.

He gripped her hand and mumbled with a low voice, “Let me help you.”

She was never going to fully strip him at such a speed.

“I must do that myself!” Gu Weiwei brushed away his hand and tried to continue on with her hard work.

Feeling helpless, Fu Hanzheng brushed away her hanging hair and looked at her with a pair of smiling eyes.

Due to the dizziness, she could not finish the work quickly or properly and the buttons slipped out of her fingers.

She repeated her work as she mumbled, “Stay, stay still, let me do the work!”

After a long time, she finally managed to undo another button and gave a victorious kiss on his chest.

It was just as if she was raising a flag of victory when land had been conquered.

When she had finally undone all of his buttons, she threw herself onto his chest and sighed as she gazed up at the sexy-looking man.

“You look very… tasty.”

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