My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 253 - The Rapid Slap on Face

Chapter 253: The Rapid Slap on Face

At the beginning, it was only some bystanders as well as Mu Weiwei’s fans who reposted Cheng Yibai’s post and in the process, they tagged Li Xing’er as well as Li Xing’er’s fans association.

Therefore, the distribution speed of the Weibo post wasn’t very fast in the beginning but when Shiyi, the most popular star in Hua Land, reposted Cheng Yibai’s Weibo post, it exploded like a bomb.

[Although the stars in our company are the most famous for our looks, I still thank you so much for your praise, Mr. Cheng]

Fu Shiyi’s fans had originally obtained a great impression of Mu Weiwei, because they were in the same company.

They didn’t like those brainless and mean comments online, so the moment Fu Shiyi reposted Cheng Yibai’s post, his fans started to spread it around.

Also, every repost would have Li Xing’er and Li Xing’er’s fans association tagged in them.

The comments that were advantageous for Li Xing’er were soon buried.

After all, when she suspected that Mu Weiwei had a sugar daddy, she did not put forward any evidence but Cheng Yibai did put forward an argument against Li Xing’er in person.

[Ms. Li must be thinking about taking revenge on her when she was put into the shadows last time at the film festival, right?]

[She was demeaned in the fashion industry at the film festival last time and now she is slapped right across the face by Mr. Cheng when the movie has been released, what a pathetic actress!]

[The slap across the face was so fast, just like a spinning tornado]

[Have you all noticed that whenever Li Xing’er is on the top search list, she will always receive a slap on the face]


Li Xing’er had just finished the promotional event and went back to the hotel room, where she asked her assistant to do her skin care, thinking that it had been a fine day with all the positive comments.

She was just in the middle of relaxing when her agent rushed in.

“Xing’er, something is wrong!”

“What is it?” Li Xing’er asked lazily.

The agent sighed anxiously and said, “Cheng Yibai has just written a post, saying that the actress he talked about is not you!”

Li Xing’er herself, her fans association, as well as numerous fans, had reposted Cheng Yibai’s post and said that the skilled young actress referred to her but now when Cheng Yibai wrote the post and claimed that she was not the one, he was simply slapping them right across their faces!

“What?” Li Xing’er sat up in astonishment.

“He not only pointed out that he was not referring to you, but also wrote that…”

“Give it to me!” Li Xing’er reached out for the phone.

The agent hesitated. “You’d better not read it, I will talk with Mr. Cheng.”

“Give it to me!” Li Xing’er grabbed her phone and turned on Weibo.

After reading Cheng Yibai’s post, she furiously tossed the phone.

Her agent was so startled that she shrank a little as she said, “I have already deleted the post and asked the association to delete their post too. Fans are deleting their posts as well, we will soon press down this incident.”

If it had only been Cheng Yibai who posted the Weibo, the incident would not have exploded but Fu Shiyi got involved and fully expanded the matter.

So now, it was almost impossible to press it down.

Actually, her agent had asked her to repost the post by Sun Xiaobei but Li Xing’er herself thought that Cheng Yibai’s words spoke louder, so she reposted it of her own accord.

Now when her name and Cheng Yibai were at the top of the hot search list, she was slapped right across the face by him.

“What about Mu Weiwei? So no one cares about her anymore?” Li Xing’er asked furiously.

The agent picked up the phone with a broken screen and said, “It seems that… your incident speaks louder than hers.”

“We can’t let her get away with it. I am not going to be her shield!” Li Xing’er said with gritted teeth.

The agent sighed helplessly and reminded her, “What you have said about her is just hearsay. We do not have any evidence about that mysterious sugar daddy. Unless we know who that man is or we have a picture of them being together.”

However, apart from Jolin who was gay and Fu Shiyi, no man had been seen around Mu Weiwei at all.

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