My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 252 - Truth

Chapter 252: Truth

On Weibo, Li Xing’er’s fans and some popular figures on Weibo were still talking vividly about Mu Weiwei and her mysterious sugar daddy.

They had thought that they were moral people by demeaning Mu Weiwei.

They claimed that she stole Shen Qiu’s role with the help of her sugar daddy.

They also said that with the help of her sugar daddy, she kept putting Li Xing’er into terrible situations when making the film.

Some even said that the reason why she was away from school during high school, was because she went to stay and sleep around with the sugar daddy and that the only reason she was accepted by the Film Academy, was because of him too.

However, some people were just bragging about Lin Qingxue being played by Li Xing’er.

They not only reposted the posts by Cheng Yibai and Sun Xiaobei but also kept saying that their own idol had been deeply approved of by the professional film critics.

They even suggested that some girl bought the box office contribution and popularity with the help of her sugar daddy and that whether an actress was skilled or not, could not depend on money.

Zhou Linna (Linna Zhou) who had just hit the stage also expressed her thoughts on Weibo by posting, [Xing’er has always been devoted to her performing career and puts in more effort than anyone could imagine. She is worthy of all the praise]

The tag of [Cheng Yibai and Li Xing’er] was on the hot search list and its popularity kept rising.

Suddenly, Cheng Yibai replied to a Weibo repost that said that Li Xing’er was a young, talented actress.

[How come I have no idea about her being a skilled actress?]

After the reply, he wrote a long post.

The title was: Learn Well

[Some days ago, Director Yi, my old friend, invited me to attend the premiere of the Long Wind. I became deeply moved after the movie because the role played by one young actress, unexpectedly, made me want to watch the Long Wind again… and I did.

Shiyi who plays Gu Changfeng also showcases his unprecedentedly excellent skills and presents a very vivid and heroic character of Gu Changfeng. I must say that none of the supporting roles disappoints us at all and I am most impressed by the youngest actress of the Long Wind cast.

She has managed to portray a vivid Tang Shaoqi and showcase the soul as the Master of the Tang Family. I just can not believe that she is only 19 years old!

The Master of the Tang Family is a genius in martial arts and she is also very arrogant and proud. After her clan is slaughtered, she becomes the killer that dominates the entire land. She is just like a killing robot, without humanity or emotion.

However, she has a different look when she is with Gu Changfeng and when she isn’t with him; every time she meets Gu Changfeng, she has a different look in her eyes.

Most of the time, Tang Shaoqi appears with a veil over her face, only showing her eyes but she has presented a very vivid Master of the Tang Family through that pair of eyes.

You can never buy out any acting skills or say any boastful words about it.

Only one of the two actresses of the Long Wind has showcased what an actress is like and I really am not sure what the other one is doing there.

I have always been about one actress of the Long Wind when I write ‘young and talented’… But that is not the one that has brought me up to the top search list]


The moment Cheng Yibai posted the long article, someone quickly commented.

[Mr. Cheng, is it really a nice thing to do by slapping that person on the face, when she has brought you popularity?]

[I really want to say that Lin Qingxue, who I looked most forward to, disappointed me deeply, whilst Tang Shaoqi, who I hated the most before, amazed me.]

[Come and look at the most heated scene where someone is slapped across the face.]

[Haha, I do feel sorry for that person who has been slapped]

[Just look at how much popularity Cheng’s post has gained, I can’t predict how many people may feel a slap on their face tonight?]

[I am a potion master, and I can brew all kinds of medicine for wounds caused by face slapping, anyone need it?]


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