My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 251 - Li Xing'er Lost Face

Chapter 251: Li Xing’er Lost Face

Li Xing’er’s boyfriend and fans bought out the cinemas for the movie whilst she continued to show off her loving relationship online, which gained her a lot of popularity.

Then Fu Shiyi’s girlfriend fans did the same for him across the entire country.

However, no one had expected that one single Boyfriend Fan of Mu Weiwei, had contributed to the box office of the movie, within one single day, by buying out all of the cinemas across the country.

Apart from her own fans, some of the audience and fans of the original novel all started to make comments online.

[After watching the Long Wind, only Tang Shaoqi moved my heart. She acted so vividly that only a look from hers and a scene of her back, could make the whole show so dynamic]

[As a fan of the original book, Mu Weiwei is exactly what the Master of the Tang Family should be like]

[For the Master, I decide to watch the movie again, one more time tomorrow… or even the day after tomorrow, all the way until the movie is no longer in the cinemas]

[I had intended to watch Third Master, but I somehow became Master Tang’s fan instead]

[I am truly impressed by her, a 19-year-old girl, who has portrayed such a vivid Tang Shaoqi]


Two days in a row, there were multiple posts on Weibo that spoke highly of Mu Weiwei’s performance.

[Tang Shaoqi and Mu Weiwei] was the tag that had topped the fifth place of the hot search list without any behind the scenes operations from the agency.

After the first buyout day, there were an increasing number of fans who started to support Mu Weiwei in the following promotional events, which caused Li Xing’er to become extremely annoyed.

When the words of praise kept appearing online, Li Xing’er could not stand it anymore.

Therefore, some voices started to appear, which started to suspect the real identity of the Boyfriend Fan who supported Mu Weiwei.

[I think that the man who has bought out the cinemas must have bought her too.]

[Anyone can get popular, if some sugar daddy is supporting her behind the scenes.]

[No university student at the age of 19 is able to play a role in such a high-budget film!]

[No wonder the role that used to be Shen Qiu’s could be stolen away – this girl has a sugar daddy!]


Not only ordinary Weibo accounts but even some important figures in the film industry started to take the opportunity to cook up stories, at the suggestion of Li Xing’er’s team.

Some people not only demeaned Mu Weiwei but also praised Li Xing’er, the leading actress of the Long Wind.

[Some people spent money on fans trying to cook up a story of her own acting, so shameless!]

[Those who have no idea about movies, are of course going to suck up to the person who treats them to a free film. Do they truly have any idea of what acting skills are?]

[Cheng Yibai and Sun Xiaobei are obviously speaking highly of Lin Qingxue who was played by Li Xing’er, so are you blind to have still spoken highly of Tang Shaoqi instead?]


When those people were criticizing Mu Weiwei, they still reposted posts by Cheng Yibai and Sun Xiaobei.

They kept saying that Mu Weiwei’s supporters were just sucking up to the movie because they received a free show from the mysterious sugar daddy and that Li Xing’er was the actress whose skills were approved of by the film critics.

Then Cheng Yibai’s post that spoke highly of the young, skilled actress in the Long Wind, was again pushed up to the hot search.

After learning the situation in the afternoon, Jolin contacted the company and tried to press down the rumours online.

It was not until in the evening that he talked with Gu Weiwei about countermeasures.

“Everyone online says that the Boyfriend Fan is your sugar daddy and they even said that he bought the fans and the role for you. They not only demean us but also speak highly of Li Xing’er. Apparently, it is her team’s job.”

She had obtained popularity and a good reputation, when the situation had now suddenly turned around.

That was how the internet worked. No one cared to learn the truth.

The wider spread the gossip was, the more people would believe it to be the truth.

Gu Weiwei sighed in pain. “It will just keep getting worse.”

“I have talked with Director Yi so that we can publicize the audition video.” Jolin checked the record on his note and said.

“Also, we may have to find out who that Boyfriend Fan is, so we can do some clarifying.”

She and Jolin were just in the middle of discussing how to deal with the situation when Xu screamed joyfully.

“Check your phone, check your phone now!”

Jolin’s face sank in displeasure. “Xu, we are talking about important business.”

Xing’er gave him the phone excitedly. “Cheng Yibai is fighting Li Xing’er right now!”

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