My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 254 - Fu Hanzheng's Pictures (Extra)

Chapter 254: Fu Hanzheng’s Pictures (Extra)

After Jolin and Gu Weiwei finished reading Cheng Yibai’s post, as well as some comments online, they both let out a sigh of relief.

They had thought that they would become so busy that they would not be able to fall asleep tonight.

But it seemed that it would be Li Xing’er and her agent who would not fall asleep tonight.

“Alright, alright, we are fine now.”

With Mr. Cheng’s post and Third Master’s help, Li Xing’er and her team will be so preoccupied these two days.

Gu Weiwei said, “What about the sugar daddy? We don’t need to do any clarification anymore?”

Jolin closed the notebook. “Everyone is focusing on the face-slapping show, no one cares about your gossip any more.”

Li Xing’er had tried to demean his girl but ended up getting face slapped by Cheng Yibai instead.

As for the incident of sugar daddy, everyone understood that it was just a faint rumour.

His girl was born to be lucky. He had a feeling that he was going to bring up a super star.

Hearing that the crisis was solved without much effort, Gu Weiwei stood up and said, “Then I need to sleep now.”

She had just come to her room and was about to open the door, when Fu Shiyi’s door was opened next to her.

“Hey, my brother asked someone to get you dinner.”

Gu Weiwei took it and glanced at Fu Shiyi.

“Thanks for the post.”

Fu Shiyi leaned against the door and said, “Well, I am just giving a hand to my sister-in-law to be.”

Gu Weiwei entered her room, feeling too lazy to explain anything to him.

Fu Shiyi said, “Oh, I will send you some pictures. You can post them whenever someone asks you about a sugar daddy again. No one would dare to utter a word.”

“Can I reject them?”

Gu Weiwei said and fully entered the room.

She opened the food box and saw a bowl of rice, a bowl of soup, a meat dish and a salad, very nutritious.

She had just sat down and took out her phone when Fu Shiyi sent her a picture.

She clicked it open and found that it was a picture where she and Fu Hanzheng were kissing. It was taken on the sly when they were standing underneath the Chinese wisteria.

She had wanted to delete it, but suddenly, she realized that she had never saved a picture of Fu Hanzheng on her phone.

She was just thinking if she should delete it or not, when Fu Hanzheng called, startling her so that she almost dropped the phone into the soup.

“Eaten dinner yet?”

“Just eating.”

Fu Hanzheng stayed silent for a moment. “Did I bring you trouble?”

Gu Weiwei ate as she talked with him.

“Not really. With your help, some sponsors don’t dare to pester me.”

Since she was not very famous and didn’t have any background, some presidents or managers of sponsors would always come and pester her every now and then.

But recently, her world was getting quieter.

After all, only a powerful man with much wealth was able to buy out the cinemas for the movie.

Fu Hanzheng replied calmly. “Okay.”

After all, those who tried to do something to her always ended up being in trouble.

Gu Weiwei thought for a while and asked, “Fu Hanzheng, do you have a picture? Please send one to me.”

Fu Hanzheng asked. “Whose picture?”


Fu Hanzheng said after a moment of silence. “I will send some to you later.”

He hung up and called Fu Shiqin, who had just come home and in the middle of adjusting to the time difference.

“Take a picture for me.”

Fu Shiqin put the pillow over his head. “Go and take a selfie yourself.”

Fu Hanzheng said, “Still want to go to South Africa?”

Fu Shiqin gritted his teeth and spent the next two hours, with both the phone and the camera, taking dozens of pictures of his brother.

He had thought that they were for some finance newspaper but it turned out that his brother picked only one of the pictures and sent it to his girlfriend.

Fu Shiqin felt like he was about to pass out in shock.

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