My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Getting Indecent

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Gu Weiwei looked calm. “Grandma Fu asked me to.”

What she meant was that she was helping Grandma Fu, not Fu Hanzheng.

Old Lady gave her a place to live and pocket money, and she felt bad taking the advantage all the time. So when asked if she could try to persuade Ming Zongyuan, she said yes.

Fu Hanzheng said, “Grandma asked you to do the mission, but you did help us out a great deal. As long as it is not something over the top, the Fu Family can satisfy you in everything.”


Gu Weiwei thought that since he wanted to offer something, then she should ask for something. After all, she was very poor at the moment.

Fu Shiqin had just returned with the medicine and heard their conversation, he scooped out a bowl of porridge and took a seat.

Seeing Gu Weiwei’s embarrassed look and her obvious desire of wanting to have something, Gu Weiwei said directly, “There is no need to ask, she wants you!”

Gu Weiwei threw a fierce glance at him – God damn it! That was not what she was thinking.

Without taking a look at her, Fu Shiqin glanced at Fu Hanzheng. “It is not the first time either, you are in the advantageous part being such an old man…”

Fu Hanzheng threw a calm look at Gu Weiwei as if trying to figure out if she was really going to put forward that proposal.

“Just give me money. Grandfather paid 50,000 to 60,000 yuan for that chess manual. You can pay me with that amount.”

Mu Weiwei did hope to get something out of this man. But she was Gu Weiwei deep inside.

She had no interest in him. She even had the intention of staying far away from him.


Fu Hanzheng nodded. “Xu Qian will deliver the money tomorrow.”

Gu Weiwei let out a sigh of relief. Seeing his bowl emptied again, she asked politely, “Do you want… one more bowl?”

“Okay.” Fu Hanzheng replied.

Gu Weiwei’s lips twitched. He was indeed making himself at home, wasn’t he?

She went to get another bowl of porridge for him. Fu Hanzheng finished the food and returned to the study.

Since she was not full, she went to boil the instant noodles which Fu Shiqin took a bowl of too. He snapped at her. “Are you dumb or not? Don’t you think that my brother is much more valuable than 50,000 yuan?”

Gu Weiwei boiled the noodles as she said slowly, “Didn’t you ask me to stay away from your brother before?”

“That was because you wore such horrible makeup! If I had known that you are so pretty, I would not have stopped you.” Fu Shiqin sized her up from head to toe. It was so skilled of her to put on such horrible makeup before.

Gu Weiwei. “…”

It was a world where appearances decided everything!


Fu Shiqin helped to carry the noodles into the dining room. He asked as he kept eating the noodles, “You had tried so hard to get my brother to sleep with you before. But you gave up on this opportunity this time?”

Gu Weiwei took a mouthful of soup. “It is just like something that may look very delicious when you don’t get to eat it, but after you really taste that thing, you may find that it is not that tasty after all.”


Fu Shiqin blinked. “So… my brother is not delicious?”

The two were just talking when Fu Hanzheng walked out of the study and the air of embarrassment dominated the room.

Gu Weiwei was startled and explained in a hurry, “I didn’t mean that, I didn’t mean that you are not tasty….”

Fu Hanzheng poured the water and drank the medicine in calmness as he threw a side look at her. “So I am tasty after all?”

Gu Weiwei. “…”

Damn it!

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