My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: For Your Body and Look

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With noodles still crammed in his mouth, Fu Shiqin stared at Fu Hanzheng who had spoken such an astonishing sentence.

Oh my dear brother, you are getting somewhere!

After Fu Hanzheng finished saying the question, he returned to the study calmly.

He acted as if whatever he had said had not been said by him.

Gu Weiwei felt her forehead helplessly. This apartment was large and cozy but she was definitely not going to live here any longer.

Fu Shiqin sucked the noodles into his mouth and asked cunningly.

“So, is my brother delicious or not?”

“Get out of my sight!”

Gu Weiwei buried herself into the noodles, and put the empty bowl away after she had finished the food. Then she returned to the bedroom and didn’t come out any more.

After the noodles, Fu Shiqin took some of her snacks and entered the study.

He kept stuffing the snacks into his mouth as he started to gossip.

“Bro, let’s be honest with each other. You knew that Mu Weiwei is not hideous, didn’t you?”

Fu Hanzheng buried himself in his work, ignoring him.

Fu Shiqin took a bite from the biscuits and continued with his analysis.

“So, you who never touched women, slept with Mu Weiwei at her wishes, pretending as if you wanted to turn her down.”

After Fu Hanzheng heard the word ‘pretend’, he threw his eyes full of chill towards the man who was so busy talking.

“What did you just say?”


Fu Shiqin picked up his cup and drank some water to go with the food in his mouth. “I mean… Mu Weiwei was pretending. She also wanted to sleep with you!”

Fu Hanzheng looked at him with a cold look, speechless.

Fu Shiqin continued on, he was worried that his brother would not buy his words.

“She was driven out of the house because she kept badgering you. Now she has changed the strategy. She starts to back off so that she can look good in front of you, so that she can reach her ultimate purpose – to sleep with you for your looks.”

Fu Hanzheng lowered his gaze and returned to his work. “If you will still keep on talking, you can get out of my sight!”

“I am on it!” Fu Shiqin picked up the snacks and rushed out of the study instantaneously.

Fu Hanzheng folded up the file he had just finished reading and that was when he noticed an exercise notebook for high school students placed on the corner of the table.

On the cover of the notebook there was a name neatly written – Mu Weiwei.

At the end of the name was a lovely smiling face drawn in a cartoony fashion.

He looked at the notebook thoughtfully for a moment and could not help but let out a small smile. Then he continued to go back to his work.


At seven in the morning, Gu Weiwei woke up because of an urge for a bathroom break. Drowsily, she got out of bed and walked into the bathroom, took off her pants and sat on the toilet.

After she finished her urge, she rolled her eyes and had just pulled up her pants when she noticed the silhouette of a man.

Fu Hanzheng wiped away his wet hair and saw the drowsy girl sitting on the toilet. He just couldn’t help but notice the thighs and the butt of this girl as well as her pure and snowy white skin.

Gu Weiwei blinked and groaned inside – is there anyway for her to die a bit faster?

Seeing that she was not leaving, Fu Hanzheng frowned slightly, “How much longer do you plan to stay?”

Gu Weiwei turned her head around to the mirror beside her but saw the reflection of this man in the mirror too. Frightened, she simply had nowhere else to turn to.

If she stayed the situation would get worse.

Therefore, she stood up, pulled up her pants and dashed off the bathroom.

She even didn’t have time to flush the toilet or the guts to pick up her lost slipper.

Fu Shiqin was just stretching himself in the living room when he saw her running out of the bathroom. He suddenly came to a realization when he thought of his brother in the shower.

Fu Shiqin looked sinister, “Ha, you sneaked a peek at my brother in the shower and you still claim that you don’t desire his body and looks?”

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