My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Fairy on the Earth 2

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With a loud sound, Fu Shiqin’s phone fell onto the ground. Then he became so frightened as if he had seen a ghost. “Mu Weiwei?!”

Mu Weiwei was an eye-killing monster! How could she look so pretty and lovely?!

Gu Weiwei approached him, picked up his phone and gave it to him. “You left in a hurry last time and I failed to hear you calling me dad. What about doing it now?”

Fu Shiqin pointed at the study exaggeratedly. “My brother… he needs me now…”

Having said the words, he took back his cell-phone and scurried into the study.

Gu Weiwei turned around to check her porridge in the kitchen. Fu Hanzheng threw her out from Landscape Villa before and now he was here too. So she could not stay here anymore either.


Fu Shiqin wormed his way into the study and looked completely startled. “Dad, did you recognize her?”


“That is Mu Weiwei! The monster-looking girl who used to live at our home before, the very one that kept badgering you.”

“I didn’t know she could be so pretty without makeup. What made her want to ruin her own looks before?”


Fu Hanzheng got fed up with his anxiousness and said, “Where is my medicine?”

Fu Shiqin was full of curiosity about what his brother was thinking. So he continued to ask, “Bro, aren’t you a bit surprised that the girl you threw out of our home turned out to be so pretty? Don’t you regret anything, at all?”

Fu Hanzheng looked as cold as usual. “Where is the medicine?”

Hearing that he was changing the tone, Fu Shiqin swallowed down his questions and went into the kitchen where Gu Weiwei was cooking and asked her with an unnatural tone, “Well, do you have any medicine… for the flu or stomach, something that can be taken after wine… My brother is sick,”

“No, all of them have been tossed away because of the expiration date.” Gu Weiwei sounded ruthless.

Fu Shiqin scratched his head. “Then pour a cup of water for my brother. I will go and get some medicine.”

Having said that, he left without waiting for her reply.

Gu Weiwei glanced in the direction of the study and opened the fridge, took out scallions, ginger and turnips unwillingly.

She diced scallions, sliced ginger and turnips and boiled them in water for twenty minutes before scooping out one bowl and carried it to the study. She knocked at the door.

Fu Hanzheng was just leaning against the chair when he heard the knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Gu Weiwei put the water onto the table. “Drink this so your throat can feel better.”

Fu Hanzheng opened his eyes at the sound of her voice and he was startled for two seconds when he met the girl’s crystal-clear eyes. Then he glanced at the freshly-boiled soup on the table.

“I have made porridge. If you want to eat it, you can come into the dining room,” Considering that this was his apartment, Gu Weiwei spoke to him courteously.

Then, she went into the kitchen and made two vegetable side dishes for dinner.

She had just put the food onto the table when the door of the study was opened, and Fu Hanzheng went in to take a seat by the dining table.

Gu Weiwei. “…”

She had been courteous, because she had thought that he would never eat the food she made. But the reality turned out to be the total opposite.

She went back to the kitchen and fetched another bowl of porridge for Fu Hanzheng. Then she sat down and explained, “Grandma Fu brought me here, since it is close to the school. I will… go and search for another accommodation tomorrow and move out as soon as possible.

After eating the warm porridge, Fu Hanzheng felt better in both body and mood. “I am not here often. You can live here.”


The two of them finished the food in silence and they didn’t mention a single thing about what had happened the other night.

Having finished the porridge, Fu Hanzheng threw a profound look at Gu Weiwei and asked, “How did you get Mr. Ming to spare the painting?”


He had mentioned numerous conditions of exchange but none had moved Mr. Ming. Later on he had told them that she had what he had wanted as an exchange gift.

“My grandfather left one chess manual. Mr. Ming has the first volume and he has been seeking out the second volume for a long time.” Gu Weiwei confessed.

Ming Zongyuan was undoubtedly fascinated by paintings. But he was even more fascinated by chess.

“What about the cake?”

Fu Hanzhang looked even more focused. What cakes made the couple react so vividly.

“Checked it online. Ms.Wilson loves that kind of cake, so I made one and had it delivered there.” Gu Weiwei had her head lowered as she was stirring the porridge in her bowl. She felt that her hair standing on end under his sharp stares.


Fu Hanzheng nodded and had his eyes transfixed at Gu Weiwei, sounding slightly colder. “So, what do you want as an exchange?”

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