My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Fairy on the Earth

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Because of one car accident, Fu Shiqin had been stuck in a traffic jam for almost an hour on his way home from work.

Hearing Fu Hanzheng coughing constantly in the backseat, Fu Shiqin threw a look at his own brother who was still working when he was sick through the rear-mirror. “Bro, what about taking a nap, it may take a bit longer for us to arrive.”

Fu Hanzheng checked the time. “Make a turn at the crossing ahead. Let’s go to Jinxiu Compound.”


Fu Shiqin drove a bit further before turning into another road.

Then they arrived at Jinxiu Compound which was close to the company.

When the real estate company affiliated to the Fu Family was building accommodation before, they spared one patch of land and built a row of apartments.

When the workload was a lot and they failed to make it to Landscape Villa, they would come and rest here.


Sometimes when Fu Shiyi was back, he would stay here overnight too.

Fu Shiqin drove into the compound and saw the light on upstairs.


“Seems that our third brother is here too…”

Fu Hanzheng closed the files and frowned with discomfort. “Do we still have medicine in the car?”

Fu Shiqin pulled the car over and started to search for the medicine as he nagged, “Even if we have medicine, you can’t drink it after you have drunk wine.”

“I told you to take a rest if you can. Now you have caught the flu and you are also suffering from a stomach ache. If appendicitis occurs, you will have to be sent to the operation table under the charge of He Chi.”

Because of the detailed affairs from the collaboration with the Wilson Enterprise, his workaholic brother had been working like a robot for two days without sleeping.

After the signing was done, he had a meeting before attending a cocktail party.


Now his flu had worsened and he started to have a stomach ache too.

“I didn’t find any. Let’s go upstairs and we can ask Third Brother to buy it.”

Fu Hanzheng coughed, got out of the car and walked towards the elevator.

Fu Shiqin grabbed the suitcase and laptop and followed up behind him in a hurry.

The moment they walked out of the elevator, the Fu Shiqin pressed in the door code and said angrily before entering the room.

“Third Brother, didn’t you say that you won’t be home for three more months?”


The moment the door was opened, what greeted his eyes was not his twin brother Fu Shiyi, but a girl who had just come out of the shower and who was drying her hair wearing pink pyjamas and slippers.

The girl looked extremely pretty. Her fresh-looking face was slightly flushed because of the shower and she looked rather cute.

Fu Shiqin just couldn’t help but feel appalled. This woman did not look like the female star who was currently in a scandal with Third Brother.

Gu Weiwei looked startled as she saw Fu Shiqin breaking into the apartment. And then she had a look at Fu Hanzheng who followed behind afterwards.

What were they doing here?

Fu Shiqin entered the apartment with a dry laugh. He felt very jealous inside his heart. “Third Brother didn’t even tell me that he has a girl over tonight.”

It must be so excellent to be in the entertainment industry where he could get so many pretty girlfriends.

And this one looked a bit familiar too.

Gu Weiwei. “…”

Was this man blind?

Fu Hanzheng threw a look at her, entered the room without any expressions on his face and went straight into the study.

Fu Shiqin kept looking for Fu Shiyi in the room and then decided to call him without continuing to find him.

“Third, where did you get this fairy-looking girl? Do you know that Mu Weiwei has been killing my eyes these days? She likes to wear see through clothes even if she has nothing to show for it and her fake eyelashes are as long as a fan…”

“What are you talking about, Second?” Fu Shiyi talked back angrily from the other side of the phone. “What fairy-looking girl? I have a nighttime scene to shoot later. I gotta go.”

Fu Shiqin looked at the cell-phone, feeling confused. He had a nighttime scene to shoot later?

Then what was this pretty girl doing here when Third Brother was not here?

At this time, Gu Weiwei raised her eyebrows as she threw an amused look at Fu Shiqin. “Second Master, you seem to owe me a title of dad?”

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