My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Unreasonable

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Gu Weiwei was just thinking about how to get her things from the Li Family when the two girls suddenly rushed out and stopped her halfway. One girl with a bun hairstyle cried out excitedly.

“Dad, finally.”


Gu Weiwei’s lips twitched – what did she mean by ‘dad’?

“Ever since you played Feux Follets No.5 and beat Zhou Linna, you have become my dad.”


The short haired Luo Qianqian glared at Ji Cheng who was calling Gu Weiwei by this title and said, “Don’t be so stupid, no one wants to adopt a grownup daughter like you.”

“What is it?”

Gu Weiwei asked, seeing that the two girls meant no harm.

The short haired Luo Qianqian stretched out her hands. “I am Luo Qianqian from Class one in Senior group three, let’s be friends.”


“And I am Ji Cheng.” Ji Cheng’s eyes were full of admiration.

As far as Gu Weiwei remembered, these two girls were in the same piano class as Zhou Linna.

Judging from what they had just said, it seemed that they came to her because she had beaten Zhou Linna.

Therefore, she stretched out her hands and took theirs. “What can I do for you?”

Ji Cheng not only refused to let go of her hands but also took hold of her hands and started to massage them involuntarily.

“Dad, could you please let me hold them for a bit longer. Maybe my piano skills can be improved and I can pass my examinations after I receive some of your aura.”

Luo Qianqian spoke straightforwardly. “We want to learn how to play piano with you.”

She was not only better than their music teacher, but also better than almost every music teacher in the music school. She was exactly the kind of teacher they needed.

Gu Weiwei thought for a moment. “Do you pay?”

She was using the money given by Grandpa Fu nowadays and if she planned to live independently from the Fu Family, then she had to make money of her own.

Luo Qianqian agreed instantly. “Of course, we will pay you the market price.”

“But…” Ji Cheng blinked, looking pitiful. She asked, “We are having the examination next month. Can we start the classes today? I am in desperate need of your rescue, Dad!”

Gu Weiwei’s lips twitched. “Can you give me another name?”

“Then I will call you Goddess!” Ji Cheng patted her own chest and said, “You can call me Cheng and you can call her Qianqian.”

“Let’s go over to my house. My parents are abroad and neither of them are at home.”

Having said this, Luo Qianqian turned around and started to lead the way.

Gu Weiwei followed the two girls to Luo Qianqian’s home. Luo Qianqian’s father was a composer, so her home was full of all kinds of musical instruments. That made it very easy for them to have the classes.

Ji Cheng played the song twice and her mistakes were pointed out. Then she threw herself down on the piano and said in a desperate tone, “After Zhou Linna won the championship, the Capital Music School wants none other than her. And the interviews all pour into her hands and some music companies want her to be a star. Why is it so difficult for me to even pass the level test.”

Luo Qianqian poured each of them one cup of fruit juice and came over to them.

“The Capital Music School and the music companies as well as the interviewers do those things only because they are trying to create a good image for Longsheng Enterprise. Her aunt is Mrs. President and her cousin is a popular star called Li Xing’er.”

Gu Weiwei sipped the juice without showing any expression. Mu Weiwei did not attend Yingcheng High School before, she was transferred here after the car accident.

Therefore, no one knew that she was the real lady of Longsheng Enterprise.

After Li Jiacheng and Zhou Meiqin got married, everyone knew that Li Xiangxiang was the lady of Longsheng Enterprise whilst Zhou Linna was the niece of Mrs. President, someone that should be well taken care of.


What was not known to the public was that Longsheng Enterprise was established by Mu Weiwei’s grandfather, namely Mu Longsheng, rather than Li Jiacheng or Zhou Meiqin.

Ji Cheng sat down cross-legged as she had the fruit juice in her hand and asked curiously,

“Goddess, what school are you going to apply for? The Capital Music School too?”

Gu Weiwei shook her head. “I am going to apply for the Film Academy.”

Mu Weiwei came to school today, because she wanted to get her certificates and identification cards so as to apply to the Film Academy.”

“The Film Academy?” Luo Qianqian just didn’t get it. She asked even further, “It will take just a few years for you to become the top pianist with your ability. Why are you considering the Film Academy?”

“True. Goddess, you are so gifted in music, it would be such an unreasonable waste if you give up music for film!” Ji Cheng sounded exasperated.

“I want to learn something fun.” Gu Weiwei smiled lightly.

Ling Yan was in a film invested by the Gu Family and became crowned as the top Queen of Movies when the movie won almost ten billion yuan in the global box office and received numerous prizes.

If she wanted to bring Ling Yan down, she must be in the same industry as she was. Only by entering the entertainment zone would she be able to reach her purpose within a short time.

Ling Yan… One day, she would stand on the peak and gradually erase this woman little by little and get back whatever belonged to her.

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