My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Top and the Bottom

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As they were discussing Gu Weiwei’s Feux Follets No.5 performance vividly, Zhou Linna was sweating so badly whilst reading over the music notes. She was trying hard to remember the notes that she was starting to feel very dizzy.

The music teacher and the principal became so nervous that they started to sweat too. Zhou Linna had just won the championship and been reported as “The Genius of Piano” a minute ago before being beaten by Mu Weiwei in this small contest.

If the story went out, not only would she be the one being humiliated, but also the school would be humiliated too.

Flight of the Bumblebee was nothing compared to Feux Follets No.5.

She knew Mu Weiwei, and she would never have challenged such a strong rival who would end up beating her and humiliating her.

Seeing Zhou Linna stuck on the stage, the music teacher Ye Mei and the principal became so anxious when suddenly a phone call arrived.

Ye Mei received the call and said loudly, “Oh, is this the National Broadcasting Station? I am sorry, but Linna is stuck here. We will head there straightaway and arrive within an hour…”

After Ye Mei received the call, she said to the journalist in a hurry, “I am sorry, but Linna has an interview waiting for her and she is running late. What about… we call it a day here?”

With this reasonable excuse, Zhou Linna was certainly able to get herself out of the hole.

The journalist took a look at Zhou Linna and said with a smile, “The material for the video should be enough up to here. Since you still have other interviews to attend, we will leave you here.”

Mu Weiwei was indeed excellent in piano and she did beat her but Zhou Linna was the one Yingcheng High School tried to promote and Zhou Linna’s aunt, namely Zhou Meiqin, the Mrs President of Longsheng Enterprise had also told their agency about what they ought to do.

In addition, she had a cousin Li Xing’er, who was extremely popular in the entertainment industry right now.

She was no more than a journalist, and she didn’t need to offend Yingcheng High School and Mrs. President Zhou Meiqin of Longsheng Enterprise for the sake of Mu Weiwei.

Although Zhou Linna was not convinced, she knew that however much time she spent here, she would not be able to perform Feux Follets No.5. Ms. Ye was helping her out so she followed the words and said, “Mu Weiwei, I am needed for an interview at the TV Station and I have no time to compete with you. We will see each other next time.”

“Just an excuse for incapability!”

“She is the bottom and Mu Weiwei is the top. What makes her so cheeky that she can receive the interviews everywhere and claim herself as a genius pianist?”



Gu Weiwei was calm. Without throwing a look at Zhou Linna, she said, “Where are my things?”

Those things were worthless, but some of them were the things left behind by Mu Weiwei’s mother and grandfather, so she had to get them back.

“Oh, I had them delivered to the Li Family, you can go home to fetch them if you want to.” Having said this, Zhou Linna left with the hem of her dress in her hands.

Gu Weiwei clenched her teeth. Zhou Linna knew that she had left the Li Family and yet she had still delivered her things to the Li Family. Apparently, she was putting her into the midst of trouble.


She was going to see what more this woman had in store for her!

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