My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The Excellent Show 2

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Luo Qianqian and Ji Cheng’s sneering voices greeted Zhou Linna’s ears, making her completely pale.

She had believed that she would be able to beat her, knowing that Mu Weiwei had not touched the piano for years. But this girl ended up playing the super difficult practice melody of Feux Follets No.5!

And she herself had no memory of a single note that Mu Weiwei had played.

Gu Weiwei glanced at Zhou Linna with mocked consolation. “What about reading the music score vtoo?”

Her piano teachers had always been the most famous pianists across the world, and Zhou Linna’s capability was not even a match against her at the age of eight.

Mu Weiwei played piano well too, and she had even won prizes at music festivals. But she gradually lost touch with the piano after she entered high school. She was not like Gu Weiwei who could get the best teachers in the world and learn whatever she wanted to learn.

The music teacher took a look at Zhou Linna and said with a dry smile, “This is a rare song and score sheets can hardly be found. What about changing it to another one?”

As Zhou Linna’s teacher, she knew pretty well how far Zhou Linna could go.

This song was impossible for Zhou Linna and for the teacher as well.

Luo Qianqian bent down and scooped out her cherished music score and handed it out, “Ms. Ye, I have the music score here.”

Ji Cheng asked Luo Qianqian with a small voice when she returned. “Qianqian, why are you helping her?”

Luo Qianqian sneered. “Don’t worry. She won’t be able to play a thing even with the music.”

Without music scores she could find an excuse to get herself out of performing on the stage.

When the music score was given to her, she would have no way to leave the stage unless she played the song.

Zhou Linna clenched her teeth and forced herself to open the music score. The dense array of notes made her hair stand up and her hands shook even more violently.

“Champion Linna, the notes are here, why haven’t you started?”

Seeing Zhou Linna so frightened that her face got pale, Ji Cheng became very pleased inside her heart.

Because of Zhou Linna, the other students didn’t even have the chance to participate in the contest.

After she won the first prize, the classroom was used as the background for her photo shoot and the school kept playing the song she had played, making their heads ache tremendously.


“What are you yelling for?”

“I found what prize Mu Weiwei won when she was in primary school.” Ji Cheng passed her cell-phone around and said as she pointed at the picture. “The competition was Franz Liszt International Music Festival, one that was held in Austria in memory of Franz Liszt, the king of piano! Mu Weiwei won the first prize of the children’s group.”

Having heard those words, Luo Qianqian squinted at Zhu Xiaoqin and her fan group who were completely dumbfounded.

“Ha, she got the international prize when she was still in the fifth grade of primary school, and someone even thinks that she is better than anyone else just because she has won a small domestic prize?”

Ji Cheng saved the picture in which Mu Weiwei won the competition. “The winner is always the winner. She will never lose. I have made a decision – I will be the winner’s disciple.”

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