My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: The Excellent Show

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Zhu Xiaoqin, who was Zhou Linna’s follower, spoke with displeasure when she heard people demeaning Zhou Linna next to her.

“She was lying about not playing the song before. She must have practiced it hundreds of times before.”

“True! Our Linna still has skills that she is yet to show.”


The girls from the piano classes rolled their eyes at her. The short haired girl Luo Qianqian squinted at the junior sister who defended Zhou Linna.

“The best Zhou Linna could do was to play 12 notes within one second, but this girl played 16 notes within one second. And apparently, Zhou Linna played too fast at the first few sections so the rhythm became chaotic. But Mu Weiwei had a good control of every note and rhythm, and that was perfect! Stop being embarrassing just because you don’t know anything about music!”

Zhou Linna could have been a professional, but indeed Mu Weiwei was a master.

“Qianqian, we don’t need to tell them anything. Let’s see if Zhou Linna can do anything later.” Ji Cheng, who was wearing her hair in a bun, said as she stood next to Luo Qianqian.

After Gu Weiwei finished the performance, the music teacher smiled dryly.

“Mu Weiwei, you don’t seem to be so unfamiliar with this song.”

“Oh, I don’t normally play Flight of the Bumblebee.” Gu Weiwei smiled.

After hearing her performance, the host asked curiously, “Now it is time for you to play your song. What is your plan?”

Gu Weiwei exercised her knuckles and said mysteriously.

“Just one practice song.”

Zhou Linna took a deep breath and pulled herself up. She must not lose, especially not to Mu Weiwei.

However, after Gu Weiwei reached the first section at a high speed, her mind became totally blank.

Even the music teacher and the interview journalist turned pale after they heard what she was playing.

The song she played was not as arising and interesting as Flight of the Bumblebee, but a piano song that was single in long notes and full of two-tones. It was a song that was rarely heard in daily life.

And although she played fast and used a tricky technique with fingers, the song she presented sounded plucky and fun, and ended within just four minutes.

After Gu Weiwei finished the song, Zhou Linna, who was sitting opposite her, looked slightly desperate and pale.

Zhu Xiaoqin and several of her supporters were a bit worried. “Linna doesn’t look so well. Is she unwell?”

Ji Cheng sneered at Zhou Linna’s trouble. “She is completely fine! She is just so shocked by Mu Weiwei’s performance that she has no idea what to do.”

“Mu Weiwei is crazy! She played Feux Follets No.5 by Franz Liszt.” Another girl was very surprised.

Zhu Xiaoqin said unconvinced, “Liszt is nothing. Linna played La campanella before and she did it well. She doesn’t play this one often and soon she will copy it and play it out accurately! Just wait and see.”

“She won’t even if she is given a year.” Luo Qianqian continued as she saw Zhou Linna’s shivering hands.

“That is a super practicing song by Franz Liszt, and the Mt. Everest in piano practicing songs. Only people with the highest skills are able to play it, because you need to be very fast with your fingers. Few professional pianists would dare to take this challenge and Zhou Linna is not capable of playing that at all.”

“True. Feux Follets No.5 shows the most magnificent skills.”

“Haha, no wonder Mu Weiwei never plays Flight of the Bumblebee. It’s just too boring for her. She only plays the most difficult songs, okay?”

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