My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: To Embarrass the Piano Champion 3

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It was not until a long time later did the journalist for interviews remember that Mu Weiwei had not yet played the song. He asked courteously, “Mu Weiwei, would you like to have a go?”

Gu Weiwei frowned with a troubled expression. “I don’t play this song that often. Can I take a look at the music score please?”

“Just give up if you can’t play it. Don’t pretend as if you can play at an equal level if you take a look at the notes.” Zhu Xiaoqin said callously without hesitation.

“True, someone just has no idea of how weak she is.”

“What is so good about a stupid prize won at primary school? The prize Linna got was for the most valuable and professional prize for piano.”


Some Junior Sisters who supported Zhou Linna started to sneer at Gu Weiwei who even needed to ask for the music score, after hearing Zhou Linna’s performance.

“This is Linna’s catch song, and it is natural that she is familiar with it. Let Mu Weiwei read the score, this is a fair game.” The host suggested.


The music teacher asked the student to get her the score for Flight of the Bumblebee and when she gave it to her, she consoled her with kind words.

“Try your best, don’t feel pressured.”

She was asked to be put into the shadows by Zhou Linna anyway.


Gu Weiwei took the music score and devoted herself to reading every single note.

Mu Weiwei had not touched the piano for a long time. Although she was good at playing piano, she barely played this song before. It was not enough to just hear Zhou Linna playing it once at such a speed.

Fortunately, she always had an amazing memory, so that she was able to memorize anything after reading it once or twice.

The students outside the classroom were about to leave when they found her reading the score sheet and refusing to play.

However, they had just reached the staircase when the melody of Flight of the Bumblebee arose from the classroom, and the performance sounded as good as the one done by Zhou Linna.

Therefore, they all turned their heads back and saw the girl wearing a cap fully devoted to the performance. The score was put aside and she barely had a look at it.

One baby faced boy in the crowd was making a clip of the devoted piano girl with his cell-phone whilst mumbling.

“Master Lv, it was the beautiful Zhou girl a minute ago and now it is your crush who is at the piano. Mu Weiwei must be a monster, isn’t she? She said that she couldn’t play a thing a minute ago and now she plays even better after reading the music score once or twice. That is totally crazy.”

On the other side of the cell-phone, a clear voice of a young man said, “Can you just shut up?”

Even the students who were not from the music major could tell that Gu Weiwei gave a better performance than Zhou Linna, let alone the music teacher and the T.V host who were in the industry. They were so shocked that their eyes almost rolled out of their sockets.

With a straight back, the girl had her ten longer fingers dancing upon the keyboard, and what the eyes of the audience could see was the phantom of the fingers. Zhou Linna might have put on an almost perfect performance, but Mu Weiwei had put on an extremely flawless, performance show in this hour.

Zhou Linna’s smile disappeared gradually with Gu Weiwei’s performance and what remained on her exquisitely-powdered face were fury and coldness.

Gu Weiwei looked up and let out a sigh of relief after she finished the last note.

“This is called excellence. What kind of performance was it just a while ago?”

“I made some calculations and she played 16 notes within one second when she was playing at her highest speed. How many hands does she have?”

“Hehe, someone says that this song makes Zhou Linna famous and that she won the competition and exceeded everyone else.”

“Haha, someone wanted to show off with her catch song and now she is totally embarrassed.”

“Don’t you think that what is coming next will be even more interesting?” A short fair haired girl said with a smile.

“Mu Weiwei has managed to copy Zhou Linna’s song, but will Zhou Linna be able to copy Mu Weiwei’s upcoming song?”

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