My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: To Embarrass the Piano Champion 2


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Zhou Linna’s face changed when she heard the words. This little b*tch still dared to challenge her? She had the Mu Family to support her before, so she had thought that she was better than anyone else.

But the Mu Family was gone and she was the only one left, and she still thought that she was worth anything?

What was more annoying was that she had taken Qin Lv’s heart.

Qin Lv once had a picture of Mu Weiwei playing the piano in his wallet. Whenever she thought of this matter, she wanted nothing more than to trample her down under her feet.

Zhou Linna sneered and glanced at the music teacher, “Since you dare to take the challenge, then let’s start the contest. The teacher will name the question, in case you blame me for losing later.”

Gu Weiwei replied without expression, “Suit yourself.”

“Let’s do some spontaneous warm-ups. Linna, you can play one song for Mu Weiwei to copy, and then Mu Weiwei can play one song for Linna to copy.”


Gu Weiwei nodded and agreed. Then she went over to the other piano to move her fingers a bit.

Zhou Linna smiled at the audience, placed her hands on the keys and played a very catchy song in grace.

Then, she turned to Gu Weiwei and looked at her arrogantly.

“Your turn now.”

Spontaneous performance meant that the performer must copy the previous performance without missing one note, and the listener had to have a perfect sense of music and amazing memory so that they could accurately remember every note the first performer had played.

The girls who had been asked to do the performance had refused to perform because they didn’t want to embarrass themselves. They were all quite nervous for Gu Weiwei.

After hearing the performance, Gu Weiwei grazed over the keys and her slender, white fingers hopped along the keys and performed every single note by Zhou Linna accurately.

After she finished her performance, she played one spontaneous song for Zhou Linna as well.

Zhou Linna was quite capable after all and so she in turn accurately copied Gu Weiwei’s music.

The music teacher threw a surprised look at Mu Weiwei after the performance.

Among all the students she taught, Zhou Linna was the only student who could copy a song after listening to it once.

“Since we can’t really make a grade of this round, we can make the contest a bit harder.”


The journalist asked curiously on site. “What song are you going to play this time, Linna.”

“Flight of the Bumblebee”. Zhou Linna smiled elegantly.

Zhu Xiaoqin, who was Zhou Linna’s No.1 Fan threw a look at Gu Weiwei who was moving her wrist and snorted, “The show is on. Linna won the championship with this very song and Mu Weiwei will have nothing to beat her with.”

“Mu Weiwei won the prize when she was little with Flight of the Bumblebee too. Maybe she can play that too.” One student said enthusiastically.

Zhu Xiaoqin rolled her eyes at the student and said with pride, “That is not going to help at all. Normally, people can only play seven or eight notes within a second, but our Linna can play twelve notes within a second. That is how she won the competition by exceeding everyone else. Even the teachers of Capital Music School think that she was very professional.”

As they were arguing, Zhou Linna had started her performance.

This indeed was what made her famous. She played so perfectly in both strength and rhythm that her ten fingers were hopping up and down on the black and white keys.

After the performance was done, applause arose from outside the classroom and the sound of praise echoed everywhere.

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