My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: To Embarrass the Piano Champion

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Early in the morning, Gu Weiwei had just gotten up when she received the call from the school. The school informed her that if she did not live there, she must remove her things from the dormitory.

After Mu Weiwei was thrown out of her own home, Old Lady took her into the Fu Family. Since she had been fascinated by Fu Hanzheng’s extraordinary appearance, she had an excuse that she had complications after the car accident and asked for leave from school and stayed at home for several more months.

When she came to the school dorm, the dorm director told her that her stuff had been given to Zhou Linna, who was one of her roommates.

Gu Weiwei was extremely annoyed inside her heart. She had seen Zhou Meiqin’s daughter on TV at home and now she ran into Zhou Meiqin’s niece who had been given her things.

Zhou Linna had just won the championship at the ‘Capital Teen Music Competition’ and now she was the ambassador of Yingcheng High School.

All the girls at school worshipped her and even the teachers and the leaders at school regarded her as the apple of their eyes.

In order to get her things back, Gu Weiwei went to the music classroom to meet Zhou Linna, who was in the middle of an interview with the TV Station.

However, she failed to enter through the door because of the student crowd outside the room. Those students were all her fans.

The girls outside the classroom were so envious of Zhou Linna, who they saw sitting by the piano elegantly.

“Senior Sister Linna is not only the prettiest girl in the campus, but also a genius in piano. She is definitely the Goddess of Yingcheng High School. She may become a famous pianist in two years.”

“Maybe she will be a singer. If that is the case, I will be her No.1 Fan.”

“And when she played with Senior Brother Qin Lv at the art festival, they looked so cute together.”


Gu Weiwei was just thinking how she should get in to get her things back from Zhou Linna when the music teacher Ye Mei came out and asked the students at the classroom door.

“The TV Station is going to make a video of Linna playing piano with one of her classmates as the promotional clip for the school. We need one student from the music institute. ”

However, the girls from the music class exchanged looks with each other, all of them felt unwilling to go.

Recently, the music teacher even skipped their classes in order to mentor Zhou Linna for her competition.

Now, the teacher even asked the students to be put into the shadow of Zhou Linna… it was simply over the top.

Seeing that no one was willing to step out, the music teacher was about to go inside and have a discussion with the people from TV Station when Gu Weiwei raised her hand among the crowd. “I will do it!”

“Okay, come here.”

The music teacher asked her to come over to her side when she saw someone volunteering.

But she didn’t recognize her as one of the students from her music class.

“Can you play the piano?”

“Learned it for a few years.”

The music teacher brought her into the classroom and told Zhou Linna who was busy doing makeup.

“Linna, work with this student later.”

Zhou Linna squinted at her and snorted.

“You gave up piano years ago. Can you still play a single tune?”

Gu Weiwei ignored her sneering. “Give my things back to me.”

“Back to you?” Zhou Linna sneered provocatively after she finished the makeup. “No problem. If you can beat me in piano playing, I will give them back to you.”

Gu Weiwei clenched her teeth. Zhou Linna and Li Xing’er had been picking on Mu Weiwei all the time and now after she won a championship, she became increasingly prideful.

Zhou Linna had thought that she was scared, so she lowered her voice and said, “If you do not dare to accept the challenge, then I will have to toss away your trash. Your mother’s remaining things are among the trash too…”

Gu Weiwei suddenly turned cold and said with a chilly voice, “Do I not dare to take the challenge against… you? Funny!”

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