My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: A Pretty Mu Weiwei?

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Fu Shiqin stared at Ming Zongyuan with a confused look and then threw a look at Meng Ruya, “Wasn’t it you who persuaded Mr. Ming?”

Why was Mu Weiwei the ugly, sappy girl involved again?

Meng Ruya was also confused. “I was around the Ming Family’s house all the time, but I didn’t see Weiwei either.”

Fu Shiqin smiled at Ming Zongyuan and asked, “Mr. Ming, did you say Mu girl, or Meng girl?”

He might have made a verbal mistake whilst he was actually referring to Miss. Meng, namely Meng Ruya.

“I meant Mu Weiwei. I know no one called Miss. Meng.” Ming Zongyuan rolled his eyes at him.

Meng Ruya’s face changed and she still kept a smile on her face. “Mr. Ming, you told me yesterday that you can spare a painting for us.”

Now Ming Zongyuan was reminded of what happened. “Weiwei left after she talked with me yesterday, so you were just the messenger.”


Meng Ruya became so embarrassed that her face was completely red as if she had been slapped right across the face by some intangible forces.


Damn it, Mu Weiwei again.

She had not only pointed out the forgery she bought but also totally humiliated her.

Right now, Mu Weiwei again ruined the good feelings she had tried so hard to establish in front of Fu Hanzheng.

Ming Zongyuan. “Take away your presents. But just answer me one question.”

Fu Hanzheng’s eyes looked profound. “What question?”

Ming Zongyuan glanced at Fu Hanzheng and Fu Shiqin as he asked, “Mu girl has nothing to do with you guys, does she?”

“What do you mean?” Fu Shiqin was confused.

“I mean, she is neither one of your girlfriends, is she?”

“No, absolutely not. Who would want a girl like her? You’d get a nightmare!” Fu Shiqin shook his head and denied it when he thought of Mu Weiwei.


If she was anyhow related, it was probably only because of the one-night stand with his brother.

Ming Zongyuan nodded with satisfaction after hearing his answer. “That’s good. My grandson doesn’t have a girlfriend and Mu Weiwei is a pretty girl and smart, definitely his type…”

“Mr. Ming, are you sure you are not setting up a trap for your own grandson?” Fu Shiqin burst into laughter when he heard that Ming Zongyuan wanted to set up a date between his grandson and Mu Weiwei.

How could Mu Weiwei be pretty?

But if Mr. Ming set her up with his own grandson, he did make some contributions for society!

Fu Hanzheng did not ask or say any further. He got into the car and drove off, leaving Meng Ruya standing there all alone, hating Mu Weiwei to the bone.

Jinxiu Compound.

Gu Weiwei was watching a teen romance on TV and put down the noodles she had just cooked. She felt like puking. The leading actress was called Li Xing’er, a relatively popular actress in Hua Land.

She was also the elder sister of Mu Weiwei who shared a different mother with her.

Li Xing’er’s mother Zhou Meiqin used to be a poor student from a rural area. She was able to attend University because of the help from the Mu Family and became a schoolmate with her mother Mu Yao. They soon became good friends.

The Mu Family supported Zhou Meiqin until she finished college and then sent her overseas for further studies. They even made her a high position director at Longsheng Enterprise when she returned from the studies. However, Zhou Meiqin did not show any gratitude. She soon hooked up with Mu Yao’s newly-wedded husband Li Jiacheng and they two had an affair for decades and two love children.


Mu Yao who had no idea of what had happened and had even asked Zhou Meiqin to be the godmother of her daughter. It was not until one year ago when Mu Yao discovered their relationship and left with Mu Weiwei. However, a car accident happened to her halfway.

Mu Yao died right away and Mu Weiwei was in a coma for months. When she woke up from the coma, Zhou Meiqin had moved into the Mu Family with her two love children Li Xing’er and Li Xiangxiang.

Mu Weiwei, who was the real daughter of the Mu Family, was driven out of her own house and had nowhere else to go.

Whenever she thought about this, Gu Weiwei would have a touch of coldness flashing across her eyes. Since she had survived for Mu Weiwei, she would get everything back that belonged to her.

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