My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Thank Mu Weiwei Instead

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On the afternoon of the following day, Fu Hanzheng accompanied Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Wilson to Ming Zongyuan’s house for a visit.

Ming Zongyuan was a significant figure in the art field of the Hua Land, and in common with Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Wilson, he was also a fan of Priam. They had a very nice conversation and he had not only given one painting by Priam to the couple, but also invited them to have an afternoon tea at the Ming Family’s house.

Mrs. Wilson spoke highly of the desert the Ming Family prepared for her and when she was about to leave, she brought with her a piece back to the hotel.

For the whole time, until the evening when Mr. Wilson got into the car, he spoke in Chinese that was barely up to standard.

“Mr. Fu, we got… way too many surprises today and I hope that we can have a pleasant collaboration together.”

“I do look forward to our collaboration.” Fu Hanzheng said with a light smile.

“Also, the dessert is very tasty, my wife loves it.” Mr. Wilson said as he shook hands with Fu Hanzheng.

“Then see you again tomorrow.” Fu Hanzheng shook hands with him and left after they both went into the car.

Fu Shiqin, on the other hand, was so disappointed when he saw that Mr. Wilson’s assistant took away half a piece of the cake. It was way too delicious for him who had a sweet tooth.


He had planned to get the dessert for himself after the meeting, but Mrs. Wilson was one step ahead of him. That made his heart ache.

Seeing the couple’s car going away, Meng Ruya said with a smile, “Judging from what Mr. Wilson said just now, the deal should be on?”

“They have taken our painting and our food! Of course it has to work!” Fu Shiqin snorted.

Fu Hanzheng threw a side look at Meng Ruya. “You did well today.”

Meng Ruya smiled sweetly. “I caused all the trouble, and I am just making it up to you.”

“You have been working very hard these two days so feel free to take a few days off.” Fu Hanzheng said.

The PR Department did not have to be involved when it came to the collaboration meeting that was going to happen later on.

“I can take the holiday after the signing is done. I may need to take care of Mrs. Wilson in the later processes.”

She had established a proper image in front of Fu Hanzheng today and she must take this opportunity to propel their relationship.

Mrs. Fu adored her, and as long as she could, she would always make an effort on her relationship with Fu Hanzheng.

She was definitely going to be Mrs. Fu. It was a good that the stupid Mu Weiwei had discovered the forgery and stopped the embarrassment in time, so that she ended up persuading Mr. Ming to spare a painting and arranging the afternoon tea for them. In this way, she got all the credit and created an excellent impression upon Fu Hanzheng.

“Very well.” Fu Hanzheng nodded and then he threw a side look at Fu Shiqin. “Have you got the things for Mr. Ming prepared?”

“Of course.”

Fu Shiqin took out the antique from his car and followed his brother into the Ming Family’s house to express their gratitude.

In the Chinese-style garden in the Ming Family’s villa, the group found the old man who was feeding the fish.

“Mr. Ming, we are very thankful for what you have done for us. Please accept our gift.”

“The couple changed their attitude tremendously after they saw your painting and ate your cake.”

Fu Shiqin was very excited. The collaboration would make sure that the Fu’s Enterprise could find a position in S Land and it was very important for them.

Ming Zongyuan fed the fish, rubbed the hands and said, “No need for the present. Mu girl has already given me the thank you fgift and she delivered the cake too. You should thank her instead.”

Fu Hanzheng squinted. “Did you mean… Mu Weiwei?”

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