My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 1678 - Anything Your Son Can't Hear?  

Chapter 1678: Anything Your Son Can’t Hear?

Fu Hanzheng looked at her and said after a moment of consideration.

“You all can go without us.”

Since Qin Lv kept pestering her, he was not that willing to let her attend the banquet of the Qin Family.

Also, Meng Ruya was very close to Qin Lang, and it would be very troublesome if she went there.

“You have not been over there for two years. You were abroad before, but now you are at home!” Old Lady scolded with a low voice.

Fu Hanzheng said without hesitation, “Then I will take Weiwei on a business trip, you guys go ahead.”

“The Fu Family and the Qin Family are going to help each other in the future, and yet you are not showing any respect to them.” Mrs. Fu said seriously.

The Qin Family were planning to pass down the family business to Qin Lv, so that was why they stressed to push the three brothers together this year. They were trying to establish a good relationship with the younger generation, hoping that they could help Qin Lv in the future.

“As long as the Qin Family doesn’t do anything bad, we will support them for the sake of our friendship,” Fu Hanzheng said calmly.

Old Lady glanced at the couple holding the children and said seriously, “Everyone must go, not one less person. We must bring Youyou and Tiantian too.”

“Grandma Fu, I… am not going.” Gu Weiwei expressed.

Fu Shengying did not say anything about the attack, but he was obviously displeased.

So she would not join them on this occasion.

“Why not?” Mrs. Fu snapped.

Fu Shengying did not recognize her as his daughter-in-law, but she and the Old Lady did, and everyone else did too.

After all, Old Master Qin was not going to hire any media for his birthday, and everyone was from a prestigious family.

Also, she and Hanzheng had met many people at the banquet held by the Zhou Family and many people in the industry knew that she was Mrs. Fu.

Instead of answering her directly, Gu Weiwei threw a look at Fu Hanzheng and asked for his opinion.

Fu Hanzheng nodded. “Then let’s go together, but it is not safe with so many people around. We will show up with the children but we will not stay long.”

“Sure, just show up there,” Mrs. Fu said.

After all, the Qin Family’s birthday banquet was held at their place and it was not a very safe time.

“Then it is a deal,” Old Lady said.

The four of them went home with the children and Fu Shiyi and Fu Shiqin had arrived home too.

Fu Shiqin could not wait for dinner. He had already found some snacks to fill his stomach, but Fu Shiyi was video-chatting with Ding Dongdong on the phone. His voice sounded so sweet that Fu Shiqin wanted to stuff his mouth with stinky socks.

It was not until Youyou and Tian Tian returned home did they manage to avoid a fierce fight between themselves.

“Tiantian, let me hold you.”

Seeing his niece and nephew coming home, Fu Shiqin forgot about the snacks and took Youyou, greeting the two little cute buns.

“Come here, you are so cute I could die!” Fu Shiyi followed and took Tiantian from Gu Weiwei.

But when Tiantian saw the cookies in Fu Shiqin’s mouth, she struggled to reach out for the cookies in his mouth.

Seeing his little niece’s foodie nature, Fu Shiyi got both annoyed and amused. He carried her to get her her own cookies.

Only now did the little girl obediently allow him to hold her because she no longer insisted on going to Fu Shiqin.

Fu Hanzheng said to Fu Shiqin, “Put down Youyou and come to the study with me.”

“No, I just got him.” Fu Shiqin did not want to release him and snorted. “What can’t your son hear?”

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