My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 1679 - Untrusted   

Chapter 1679: Untrusted


Fu Hanzheng glared at him and walked towards the study upstairs.

“Come here.”

Fu Shiqin pursed his lips and followed Fu Hanzheng with his nephew, whispering to him as they walked, “Youyou, you must not be as annoying as your father when you grow up.”

Gu Weiwei passed by the stairs and looked up.

“Fu Shiqin, I heard that!”

Fu Shiqin laughed dryly and carried Youyou upstairs to the study. Then he placed his nephew on Fu Hanzheng’s desk so that he could play with him.

“What is it? Couldn’t you wait until after dinner?”

With t


“Hey, I was the one who carried Youyou up first!” Fu Shiqin was displeased.

With one hand holding his son, Fu Hanzheng opened the door with the other.

“He is my son, why can’t I hold him?”

Having said these words, he went downstairs with his son in arms.

Fu Shiqin followed him downstairs angrily. When he failed to get the boy, he went to grab Tiantian who was playing with Fu Shiyi.

“Tiantian, come to me, I have delicious food here,” he said as he tried to tempt Tiantian with cookies.

As expected, when Tiantian saw the cookies in his hands, she crawled over to him at a very fast speed.

“Come back, Tiantian! Come back!”

Fu Shiyi went after her, but the girl had already reached Fu Shiqin and the cookies that were with him.

She broke down and cried when she saw the cookies being held further and further away from her.

Fu Shiqin gave her the cookies. “Here, these are all yours.”

The girl took hold of the cookies and stuffed them into her mouth with tears in the corner of her eyes. She smiled in satisfaction after one bite.

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