My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 1677 - A Long Life   

Chapter 1677: A Long Life


Fu Hanzheng dried her hair and left the swimming pool with her.

Although there was still a long way to go to villa number seven, they still chose to walk instead of driving back there.

The evening light was gentle.

Fu Hanzheng was strolling on the boulevard with his beautiful wife, and the light of the setting sun was shining upon them through the tree trunks. Occasionally, a gust of wind blew over and the yellow leaves of the trees fell.

Gu Weiwei caught one of the leaves and turned it in her hands.

“At this time next year, we can take a walk here with Youyou and Tiantian.”

By this time next year, the two children would be able to walk. She could not help but smile when she thought of the fun scene of them walking together.

“They already cause you trouble and they have only recently started crawling. Walking is far away for them.” Fu Hanzheng reminded her amusedly.

The two children only knew how to crawl, but they were already very troublesome at home. When they could run away next year, it would be very problematic.

If she was watching only one of them, she might not be able to catch the other one.

Also, he wished that time could slow down so they could spend more time together.

A person’s life was only a few decades long, and he had met her so late. How much time did he have left to spend with her?

“Far away from them? They can crawl now, but they will definitely be able to walk around in a couple of months,” Gu Weiwei said.

Also, they might be able to call them properly by that time.

They ran into Mrs. Fu and Old Lady who were pushing the two children along the boulevard.

Seeing her mother whom she had not seen for hours, Tiantian patted the bar at the front of the pram excitedly.

Gu Weiwei unbuckled her seat belt, picked her up and kissed her right on the cheek.

“Are you happy that grandma and great-grandma are taking you out?”

The girl did not understand what she was talking about, but she smiled happily when her mother was holding her.

Seeing his son looking at them, Fu Hanzheng carried him up from the pram too.

Mrs. Fu was pushing the empty pram and seemed to have something to say. She said after some hesitation, “Hanzheng, in a few days time, it will be the 70th birthday of the Old Master of the Qin Family. He has invited our entire family to attend the celebration, what do you think…”

Due to the argument she had with Fu Shengying last time, she had ignored Fu Shengying who was at the old mansion.

But she did not want the father and the son to be in a deadlock.

Also, no matter if it was the birthday of the Old Master of the Qin Family or the Old Lady of the Fu Family, it was always the whole family who went to congratulate them.

Grandpa Qin knew that they had a pair of twin grandsons, so he made a call to them in person and asked them to bring them over. He said that the Fu Family and the Qin Family had been friends, so they should share in each other’s happiness too.

He had called Fu Shengying at the old mansion and Fu Shengying had called her.

After all, the children were with Gu Weiwei and she and Hanzheng would have to approve of the plan.

Gu Weiwei had no idea about the argument between Fu Shengying and Fu Hanzheng about her, so she did not object but said, “That depends on Hanzheng.”

They had some conflicts because of Qin Lv, but the two families had been friends for decades. The Qin Family had come over for the old lady’s birthday last year, but she and Fu Hanzheng were in Dubai at that time.

Logically speaking, they should attend the 70th birthday celebration.

But it was not up to her to decide if the Fu Family was going or not.

After all, strictly speaking, she was not an official member of the Fu Family.

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