My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 1801 - : The Return of the Supreme Ruler  

Chapter 1801: The Return of the Supreme Ruler

Although the rocks continued to fall, they did not affect the golden light at all.

Amidst the falling rocks, all living things looked up at the light, feeling as though they were looking at the sun shining down on the land.

The area within 10,000 miles of the Great Abyss Land was bathed in golden light.

Xi Wangmu sensed the strange golden light before she looked down. The land was now covered with rocks. The mountains and the rivers were no exception. The tree, flowers, and plants were no longer there.

Meanwhile, the golden light continued to crazily absorb the vitality energy. Shockingly, even the power of the abyss began to gather like starlight and shot toward the golden light.

Emperor Yu frowned, puzzled. Then, he asked grimly, “Xi Wangmu, what’s happening?”

On the other side of the sky, Xi Wangmu, who had lived for a long time, said, “I don’t know. I’ve never seen such a light since heaven gave birth to earth that gave birth to vitality energy. Even after humans ushered in civilization and gradually separated into tribes, I’d never encountered such a thing.”

“It’s golden… Could it be that the golden lotus domain has given birth to a divine emperor?” Emperor Yu asked.

“Impossible,” Xi Wangmu said calmly, “To become a supreme emperor, one must first form the seventh light disk. After that, one has to continuously comprehend the great laws. The more profound the comprehension, the stronger the light disks will be. With all this, it’s impossible that Ming Xin, who has the Scales of Justice, did not sense anything at all.”

Emperor Yu shook his head and said, “I disagree.”


“The imbalance has messed everything up. The scales aren’t omnipotent. The return of the Unholy One to the Great Void is proof of its fallibility,” Emperor Yu said as he looked at the golden light in the sky.

Xi Wangmu frowned. She looked at the golden light that was still crazily absorbing the vitality energy and murmured, “The Unholy One…”

Emperor Yu finally moved again, leading countless Feather tribesmen to fly in the sky. He said loudly, “The Great Abyss Land cannot fall. I hope Xi Wangmu will help the Feather tribe.”

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The sounds of the falling rocks continued to agitate the nerves of the Feather tribesmen. Their attention gradually shifted away from the golden light to the falling rocks in the sky. The golden light and the Unholy One were not important now. If the sky fell, they would all die.

Xi Wangmu shifted its attention away from the golden light to the falling rocks as well before she said, “Alright. Fierce beasts, listen up!”

The tens of thousands of fierce beasts roared in response.

“Search the Great Abyss Land! Dig three feet underground if you must. Find the owners of the Great Void Seeds!”

The fierce beasts roared again before they flew in all directions and began their search.

Meanwhile, Shang Zhang, Ling Weiyang, and Bai Zhaoju did not move. Instead, they continued looking at the golden light.

“The sky is falling faster than we thought. If we don’t leave now, it’ll be too late…”

“That old bast*rd, Chi Biaonu, hasn’t returned yet. He took such a long time just to deal with one ancient Saint slayer. He’s really not worthy of being a divine emperor.”

“Chang Cheng isn’t an ordinary Saint slayer, after all. It’s cunning, and its strength isn’t inferior to Xi Wangmu. We can only wait and see. The Great Abyss Land should be able to hold on for a while…”

Ling Weiyang and Bai Zhaoju nodded.

As for Shang Zhang, he looked at the shattered upper core worriedly as he muttered, “I wonder how those two girls are doing?”

“Qi Sheng has inherited the Fire Deity’s legacy. If he flies at full speed, his speed is comparable to that of a divine emperor. Moreover, he is very intelligent and has good judgment. I believe he’ll be able to hold on,” Bai Zhaoju said.

While the fierce beasts searched everywhere, Xi Wangmu landed about 1,000 feet away from the golden light. After a moment, it muttered, “A new divine emperor?” Then, it quickly shook its head and said regretfully, “You’re no different from the others. You don’t have the right to deprive living things of their right to live.”

Then, Xi Wangmu raised its hand and sent an energy seal over.


The golden light was unaffected and continued to absorb the vitality energy crazily.

Xi Wangmu was surprised. Then, it struck with the power of the laws.

Ten pillars of light accurately hit the golden light, but it was still unaffected.

Xi Wangmu was furious. It stared at the ball of golden light and said, “Very well. Don’tblame me for being merciless then.”

Xi Wangmu spread its arms, and a beam of light shot up into the sky. At the same time, light disks appeared under its feet. With the appearance of the light disks, its tail seemed even deadlier than before, capable of piercing everything. Then, it flashed and appeared directly above the golden light.

Suddenly, there was a change in the golden light. Nine light disks suddenly appeared in the sky, erupting with a powerful force.

Xi Wangmu’s expression changed slightly. It immediately changed its offensive stance into a defensive one.


The nine light disks expanded rapidly.

The flying rocks in the surroundings were reduced to dust while the nearby fierce beasts were instantly crushed.

They continued growing. 3 miles, 30 miles, 300 miles…

Many Feather tribesmen looked at the nine light disks fearfully.

“It’s over!”


Countless living things were crushed by the light disks.

The three divine emperors in the distance used their protective energies and their astrolabes, barely able to withstand the shockwave.

Suddenly, the ball of light grew smaller by a third, and the vague outline of a human appeared. Following that, it shot toward Xi Wangmu.

Xi Wangmu had just recovered from withstanding the shockwave, and its expression changed drastically when it saw this. It did not expect the ball of light to be so aggressive. In a moment of desperation, it joined its palms together. A lotus bloomed, and its tail swept out like a pillar to defend against the incoming light.

When the two were about to collide, a majestic voice rang out.

“Time reversal.”

Xi Wangmu’s heart trembled. Indeed, time was flowing backward. Its cultivation was not weak. It was a remnant ancient Saint Slayer that existed since the beginning of the world. It was once worshipped as a god. It controlled the most primitive power and laws. At the very least, it should be weaker than a divine emperor in regard to the laws. However, at this moment, it was still controlled by the law of time.

For the first time since Xi Wangmu appeared, it cried out as the golden light crashed against it.


Xi Wangmu let out a muffled groan and flew back in the sky.

The Ternary Green Bird screeched. It flew, trying to catch Xi Wangmu. Alas, its comprehension of the laws was not as powerful as that of humans. When it drew close to Xi Wangmu, it, along with Xi Wangmu, suffered the backlash from the law and spat out blood.

The two were sent flying for an unknown distance, knocking away the falling rocks behind them.

Who would not be shocked by such power?

Shang Zhang exclaimed in shock, “It’s a divine emperor with nine light disks!”

Nine light disks represented the highest level of cultivation. There were only a handful of people in the Great Void with nine light disks.

Emperor Yu and the Feather tribesmen looked at the nine light disks in shock and trepidation with their mouths agape. Their hearts thumped loudly in their chests. They prayed fervently that the other party was not an enemy.

At this time, the light gradually dimmed.

Everyone, no matter how far away or whether they could see it or not, looked at the dimming light.

Within the light was a man with an extraordinarily majestic aura. He had a head full of white hair, and his face was full of wrinkles. His eyes were profound as he looked down at everyone from the sky.

Following that, without any warning, his hair turned black at a speed visible to the naked eye. The wrinkles on his face and body receded before they completely disappeared. The vitality energy nourished his body, making him look younger and younger. When his appearance was finally restored…

Shang Zhang, who recognized the man, exclaimed in disbelief, “Brother Lu?!”

“Unholy One?!”

Ling Weiyang and Bai Zhaoju did not expect the person in the ball of light to be the Unholy One. They felt as though their worldview had been subverted.

Xi Wangmu did not make the connection yet. It only felt that the person in front of it had an extremely piercing gaze and terrifying aura. The eyes especially made it feel very frightened and weak. It frowned and said, “A new divine emperor has such an aura?”

At this time, Lu Zhou asked tonelessly, “Xi Wangmu, why aren’t you guarding Mount Yu? Why did you come to the Great Abyss Land to oppose me?”

Xi Wangmu said with an unpleasant expression on its face, “It’s my mission to protect the balance of the world!”

“Is it also your mission to oppose me?” Lu Zhou asked. He looked around before he looked up.

The destruction of the upper core, the collapse of the Great Abyss Land’s Pillar of Destruction, the start of the fall of the Great Void, the falling rocks, the chaotic Unknown Land, the buried land, and withered trees.

The basic situation was clear to Lu Zhou. The door that led to nowhere had sent him here out of all places. Perhaps, it was all fated.

Lu Zhou slowly walked over in the air. With each step he took, a faint halo rippled under his feet.

Xi Wangmu said, “You’re the one who’s opposing me.”

Lu Zhou’s face remained expressionless. As he walked, he began to change. The halos under his feet, the light on his body, the divine mark robe,his hair, and finally his eyes turned blue.

Xi Wangmu’s eyes gradually widened as it stared at Lu Zhou with its mouth agape.

Lu Zhou said indifferently, “In ancient times, when civilization was just born, I told you to guard Mount Yu; it’s your duty. 100,000 years have passed, and you’ve forgotten all about it.”


A golden lotus bloomed under Lu Zhou’s feet before flames rose around it. Then, it turned blue. The two colors flashed back and forth.

The lotus put Xi Wangmu and even the three divine emperors on edge.

Finally, the lotus stopped flashing and stayed golden. Then, nine light disks began to spin.

Xi Wangmu retreated instinctively. Each time Lu Zhou took a step forward, it would take a step back. It said, filled with disbelief, “Supreme ruler?”

Xi Wangmu did not expect the other party to be the supreme ruler from ancient times.

Lu Zhou stopped moving and said in a deep voice, “Now that I’ve returned, it’s time I put an end to you.”

Lu Zhou raised his right slightly. A vortex appeared in his hand. When he used this move, he finally understood the origin of the power of the Deadly Strike Card of the past. Its power was time. The vortex churned flowing time. It was like the passage of time, and all living times had to submit to it. This was also the Unholy One’s most powerful strike.

Lu Zhou flicked his hand.

The vortex turned into a ball of light and shot out. It arrived in front of Xi Wangmu in just a blink of an eye.

Xi Wangmu could keenly feel the danger of the attack and used all of its power to defend against it.


Xi Wangmu shrieked in pain. Its internal organs were all severely damaged.

At this time, all of the fierce beasts pounced toward Lu Zhou, flying through the falling rocks as though they had lost their minds.

Lu Zhou stood with his hands on his back, unmoving.

The light disks burst forth with light. The three sun disks, three moon disks, and three star disks covered an area of 100 miles in just an instant. They crushed everything in their paths without fail.

The countless fierce beasts were all crushed in just a blink of an eye. Along with the rocks, their carcasses fell like torrential rain.

A rain of blood, flesh, and crushed rocks fell heavily on the Great Abyss Land.

“No!” Xi Wangmu roared as it looked at the dead fierce beasts in disbelief.

Meanwhile, the fierce beasts hundreds of miles away stopped. They did not dare to approach. It was as though they finally realized how terrifying the other person was.

Lu Zhou flashed and appeared in front of Xi Wangmu. He looked at it and said, “In this vast world, how many people do you think can fight me?”


Xi Wangmu said loudly, filled with unwillingness, “Is it wrong for me to maintain the balance of the world?!”

Back then, Xi Wangmu was one of the ancient Saint slayers who signed the balance agreement between humans and fierce beasts.

“It’s not just you. The entire world is wrong.”


Lu Zhou raised his hand and said, “Death is also life. It’s time for you to go.”

A vortex appeared in Lu Zhou’s hand again. It contained the supreme power of the law. When it shot out, the space shattered. A black hole appeared in the sky. There was no earth-shattering commotion as it quietly devoured Xi Wangmu. Following that, the space quickly mended itself and returned to normal. It was as though the black hole and Xi Wangmu were never there to begin with.

The three divine emperors were flabbergasted by just one move. Shang Zhang, Bai Zhaoju, and Ling Weiyang knew they were not capable of such a feat at all. They all looked at Lu Zhou, who was standing with his hands on his back.

Finally, Lu Zhou slowly turned around and looked at Emperor Yu and the Feather tribesmen. Then, he slowly said, “Kneel, and you might live.”

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