My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 1800 - The Door That Leads to Nowhere   

Chapter 1800: The Door That Leads to Nowhere


The light disks were huge, blocking the tide-like law from the Great Dao.

The golden lotus shone with unprecedented brightness as well.

In addition to the two light disks he had formed previously, after the appearance of the five light disks, he now had seven light disks.

The first to the third light disks were sun disks, which were as dazzling as the sun. These three were the signs of a minor supreme being. The fourth to sixth light disks were the moon disks, which glowed like the gentle moonlight. The seventh was the star disk, which was as mysterious as the stars that embellished the night sky.


Light disks did not only increase one’s cultivation, but they increased the power of the laws as well.

With the seven light disks, Lu Zhou hovered unrestrained in the void as he observed his surroundings. He looked up and mobilized his Primal Qi to charge up.


After flying up for about 3,000 feet, Lu Zhou fell again.

Lu Zhou frowned.

Ming Xin had lured him here to trap him. In Ming Xin’s eyes, the Unholy One had nine light disks. Hence, it was not surprising if he could not leave this place with seven light disks.

As expected, when Lu Zhou withdrew his seven light disks, the power of the maelstrom surged toward him from all directions.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Just like before, it was as though countless vines had bound him.

Lu Zhou frowned.

He looked through the Unholy One’s memories in his mind. The Unholy One had never encountered such a situation. He wondered how the Unholy One and Ming Xin entered the maelstrom.


The seven light disks appeared again, repelling the maelstrom’s power. Even so, Lu Zhou knew this was not a solution.

At this moment, Lu Zhou felt as though he was in a huge water tank where the water was constantly churning and pulling at him. The power was like water that could not be cut off no matter what. Moreover, he could sense the power was getting stronger and stronger as it pulled him down.

Time continued to pass…

Lu Zhou tried to sense the passage of time, but in this place, his senses were not reliable. He really did not know how long he had been falling. It was endless as though there was no end to the maelstrom.

“Golden lotus!”


Lu Zhou decided to try again. If the Unholy One and Ming Xin could leave, then he could leave as well. He just had to find the problem.

The golden lotus bloomed, and the twelve leaves were like sharp blades spinning around it. Then, the 36 Birth Charts shone dazzlingly before shooting pillars of light up.



The 24,000-foot avatar appeared in the Great Maelstrom, and Lu Zhou rushed up along with it. Unfortunately, he soon discovered that the power of the maelstrom had bound the golden lotus.

“Not good.”

Lu Zhou rushed up for another 100 miles before he suddenly came to a stop. He could feel something was wrong with the golden lotus. He looked down and saw that the four power cores were shining.

Tendrils of energy rose from the first power core and weaved into the power of the maelstrom, forming a faint circle.

Then, Lu Zhou discovered he, along with his avatar, had changed position in just a blink of an eye. He kept flashing in the maelstrom, traveling thousands of miles in just a blink of an eye.


Lu Zhou suddenly understood.

The four power cores contained the great laws.

The energy continued to circulate on the golden lotus seat.

At this time, tendrils of energy rose from the second power core as well before weaving with the faint circle from the first power core.

All of a sudden, Lu Zhou felt vitality energy surging out of his body.


He opened up the system interface and found his lifespan decreasing.

-10,000 days

-10,000 days

In less than the time it took to finish a cup of tea, Lu Zhou had already lost 100 years.

‘This can’t continue. Otherwise, I’d be sucked dry before I can leave this place…’

Lu Zhou looked at the circle of light before a thought appeared in his mind. He muttered to himself, “Is it time?”


The third power core began to surge with energy. When it connected with the circle of light, Lu Zhou felt the pressure multiply. His avatar vanished, and he fell into the endless abyss of the maelstrom.


– 20,000 days!

– 50,000 days!

.”Reversal Card!”

Lu Zhou could feel his lifespan decreasing crazily. He thought he could even feel his Eight Extraordinary Meridians aging. He had no choice but to use his Reversal Cards. After becoming a Thousand Realm Whirling cultivator, he had not experienced the feeling of aging. This was the first time since then.

Lu Zhou felt greatly pressured by his rapid aging.

One after another the Reversal Cards disappeared.

With the Reversal Cards, they were barely able to maintain the balance.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, Lu Zhou looked at the interface again. He had about only 1,001,000 years left. Suddenly, he recalled something. A suspicious expression appeared on his face immediately as he muttered, “What happened to the years from the five light disks?”

One light disk was 300,000 years. With five light disks, he should have gained 1.5 million years. Did he not receive them or were they sucked away earlier?

The Great Maelstrom was mysterious. Its power was also terrifying. There was no doubt that its environment was not normal. Could it have something to do with the disappearance of the years from the light disks?

While Lu Zhou was mulling over the problem, the fourth power core began to shine before its energy connected with the circle.

Lu Zhou frowned. He could feel himself aging further when the fourth power core connected with the circle of light.

“Time, space, reincarnation… What’s the final one?”

At this time, Lu Zhou discovered his skin had turned wizened. His hair was also completely white, and his bodily functions were rapidly declining.

– 100 days!

– 30 days!

– 5 days!

– 4 days!

– 3 days!

– 2 days!

– 1 day!


‘Got it! The final one is destruction!’


Suddenly, tendrils of blue energy appeared in every direction and flew toward the circle of light, shining brightly.

At the moment when life was exhausted, Lu Zhou was pulled into the circle as though it was a black hole in space.

Following that, darkness returned to the maelstrom like before.

The entrance to the maelstrom had also returned to normal.

The maelstrom churned clockwise slowly as though nothing had happened.

In the unknown space.

Lu Zhou’s physical body had been destroyed, but he still retained his consciousness; he was like a soul. He sensed his surroundings and saw a bright circular door at the side.

“A door?”

“Space, time, reincarnation, and destruction…”

Suddenly, a thought appeared in Lu Zhou’s mind. He had mastered the resurrection technique!

He had broken through the primal chaos of the universe, traversing heaven and earth. He had jumped out of time and space, controlling life and death.

“If the heavens want to kill me, then I’ll go against the heavens!”

Lu Zhou roared along with the ancient Dragon Soul that lingered near him.

At this time, the door that led to nowhere began to shake.

The meaning of life was not in the length of one’s life, but in whether one had made contributions and lived a worthwhile life. What was the point of living a long life if one had done nothing useful for others or oneself?

Life was death, and death was life. Life and death were changes in phenomena. One’s true self was neither alive nor dead.

Life and death were nothing more than a cycle in the world. As long as one’s life was meaningful, there was no need to fear death. Only by letting go of one’s obsession with life and death could one be greatly enlightened.

After the enlightenment, Lu Zhou could sense a wonderful change. It was as though all the laws were working for him.

At the same time, the seven light disks appeared and shone dazzlingly.

Subsequently, the eight and ninth light disks appeared!


The door that led to nowhere shattered.

Xi Wangmu controlled the fierce beasts and fought ferociously with the two divine emperors in the Great Abyss Land.

Clouds surged and rocks fell along with tens of thousands of corpses.

When Shang Zhang returned to the upper core of the Great Abyss Land, he did not see Conch, Little Yuan’er, and Si Wuya so he sent a message to the other two divine emperors immediately.

“Bai Zhaoju, Ling Weiyang, stop wasting time. Let’s go!”


Lin Weiyang and Bai Zhaoju did not want to tangle with Xi Wangmu and the other fierce beasts as well. After all, their goal was only to ensure that Little Yuan’er successfully comprehended the Great Dao. It was not their goal to engage in war.

At this time, Xi Wangmu said in a thunderous voice that resounded in the entire Great Abyss Land, “Emperor Yu, come out!”

The Feather tribesmen looked up upon hearing Xi Wangmu’s words, hoping to see Emperor Yu.

The first elder of the Feather tribe led tens of thousands of Feather tribesmen and rushed toward the Great Abyss Land. When they arrived, they saw Emperor Yu, with the aura of a supreme being, slowly rising up into the sky. His body and eyes shone with a chilling light.

“I’m here!”

Emperor Yu spread his wings that spanned over 100,000 feet. He easily swept the falling rocks away as he flew.

The first elder of the Feather tribe took the lead to say, “Greetings, Emperor Yu!”

The other Feather tribesmen looked at Emperor Yu, who had just come out from closed-door cultivation, in excitement as they echoed, “Greetings, Emperor Yu!”

Emperor Yu looked at the Feather tribesmen before he raised his head to look at the sky and said in a deep voice, “This day came earlier than expected.”

The huge rocks continued to fall.

Xi Wangmu asked loudly, “What are you waiting for?”

Emperor Yu looked at the dark sky again and said in a clear voice, “If you don’t want to die, you’ll fight with me.”

“We will follow the emperor to the death and fight with all our might!”

With Emperor Yu flying in the lead, countless Feather tribesmen followed him and flew up. They looked like meteors in the sky. They flew away, leaving the palaces, halls, buildings, the square, and trees that had been buried.

“We will fight against the heavens and the humans in this battle!” Emperor Yu said in a resounding voice.

Ling Weiyang and Bai Zhaoju, who had sensed Emperor Yu’s change, flew up into the sky like two streaks of light.

The Ternary Green Bird carried Xi Wangmu and chased after the two divine emperors using the power of the laws.

The Feather tribesmen chased after them as well. They were skilled in flying, and their wings doubled as deadly weapons.

Emperor Yu said in a low voice, “The Great Abyss Land is my territory. Since the two of you came, don’t even think about leaving.”

Ling Weiyang and Bai Zhaoju looked back.

Finally, Ling Weiyang asked, “Even if you had a breakthrough, do you think you can stop me if I want to leave?”

Xi Wangmu said coldly, “You can escape for a while, but do you think you can escape forever?”

“Stubborn,” Ling Weiyang said, feeling speechless by the opponent’s stubbornness.

Ling Weiyang, Bai Zhaoju, and Shang Zhang had no intention of fighting so they continued to fly.


In the dark southeastern sky of the Great Abyss Land, a ball of golden light appeared like the sun, illuminating the Great Abyss Land. For a moment, it was as though it was daytime in the Great Abyss Land.

Ling Weiyang, Bai Zhaoju, and Shang Zhang stopped and looked over.

“What’s that?”

Xi Wangmu, Emperor Yu, Feather tribesmen, and the fierce beasts stopped as well. They looked at the ball of golden light, surprised and puzzled.

Similarly, Si Wuya, Little Yuan’er, and Conch were also puzzled and surprised by the ball of golden light.

Little Yuan’er, who had just comprehended the Great Dao and was in a daze, asked, “Seventh Senior Brother, what happened?”

Si Wuya looked at the ball of golden light and muttered, “It appeared so suddenly… I don’t know what it is either…”

Then, the vitality energy within a radius of 10,000 miles in the Great Abyss Land began to surge toward the ball of golden light like a storm.

Everything withered in just an instant.

Xi Wangmu asked with a grim expression, “Which divine emperor is it?”

Xi Wangmu tried to look closely at the golden light, but it could not see anything. It did not even sense any aura.

Vitality energy continued to surge past everyone toward the golden light.

The fierce beasts’ eyes were brimming with fear as they quickly retreated.

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