My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 1802 - Holding Up the Sky (1)   

Chapter 1802: Holding Up the Sky (1)


Emperor Yu was even more shocked than the three divine emperors. He found the entire thing hard to accept. Xi Wangmu, whom he had spent so much effort to invite out of Mount Yu, was dealt with by the Unholy One just like that? It was an old god that had survived the land splitting and lived for 100,000 years in the Great Void!

Emperor Yu took a deep breath to suppress his emotions. The words ‘Knee, and you might live’ echoed in his ears.

The collapse of the Great Abyss Land’s Pillar of Destruction was getting worse and worse. The falling rocks dragged everyone into the pit of despair. How were they going to survive in such a desperate situation? How could the millions of Feather tribesmen live? How could the countless living things in the Unknown Land live? They had all survived in the harsh environment of the Unknown Land for 100,000 years; was this how they were going to be paid for their sufferings?

Emperor Yu was unwilling; he felt it was unfair. He asked, “What did you do to Xi Wangmu?”

Lu Zhou flashed and appeared in front of Emperor Yu and the Feather tribesmen.

The Feather tribesmen instinctively retreated.

Lu Zhou said, “I’ve sent her away.”

To be precise, that move tore open the void and devoured Xi Wangmu. There was a small chance that it might be able to survive and be sent to another place. However, common sense told everyone it was almost impossible to survive in the spatial crack.

Emperor Yu said in grief and indignation, “Unholy One, do you really want to destroy my Feather tribe?”

Everyone from the Feather tribe tensed up. Their expressions were grim as they waited for Lu Zhou’s answer with bated breath.

Lu Zhou said coldly, “Those who stand in my path will die.”


An indescribable sense of fear permeated the Great Abyss Land.


Even the sounds of the falling rocks were unable to dispel the fear.

Lu Zhou hovered in front of the Feather tribe. His body was suffused with golden and faint blue light. Just his calmness alone displayed his kingly aura to the fullest. He did not exert any energy or force, but it was enough to greatly pressure the Feather tribe until they felt like they could not breathe.

However, was the Feather tribe really going to just sit and wait for death?

Emperor Yu suddenly laughed. “Unholy One, you have the power of life and death so you think you can control the life and death of others?”

Lu Zhou did not say anything.


Another 10,000-foot-long rock fell from above into the abyss. Who knew where it would end up?


Everyone had already grown numb to the falling rocks.

Emperor Yu’s voice turned high-pitched as he said, “On behalf of the Feather tribe, I’d like to ask the Honorable Unholy One a few questions.”

At this moment, it was as though Emperor Yu had become another person. He was unlike before when he was bowing and subservient to Lu Zhou. He had the Feather tribe behind him, and his every move and action would affect the lives of the Feather tribesmen. He knew he was in a precarious situation at this moment. It was like he was walking on a tightrope, and he could plummet to his death with just the smallest mistake. However, he had no other choice.


Emperor Yu took a deep breath to calm his agitated emotions. His mind also gradually became clear. After thinking for a moment, he said, “The Feather tribe has been around since ancient times. It has been 300,000 years, and the tribe has gone through many ups and downs. Our ancestors worked hard to protect the tribe from generation to generation. The tribe has witnessed the extinction of many tribes and clans, but it survived. We all know it’s not easy to survive…” He paused for a moment before he continued to say, “It’s really funny. Humans are clearly the weakest among all living things, but they’re resilient. They grew stronger and stronger, gradually surpassing the others. Even the strongest dragon clan is facing the threat of extinction…”

Emperor Yu laughed. His laughter seemed to hold all the sorrows in the world.

“What did the Feather tribe do wrong to suffer such unfair treatment? All living things were born and lived on this land. Our tribe has never plundered the lands of others, killed the innocent, or done anything wrong. For the stability of the Great Void and the Unknown Land, the tribe has silently guarded the Great Abyss Land for 100,000 years. Even if the tribe did not make any huge contributions, the tribe has worked hard! Who knows the difficulties and struggles of the Feather tribe?” Emperor Yu said as his voice grew louder and louder.

Emperor Yu’s words resonated greatly with the Feather tribesmen standing behind him.

Emperor Yu pointed at the sky and said, “The sky is about to fall, and the Feather tribe is about to fall. How can I just sit and wait for death?”

After a moment of silence, Lu Zhou said bluntly, “The sky falling is a certainty. Nothing in this world is forever. All of this has nothing to do with me.”

The sky was destined to fall from the very beginning. What did it have to do with the Unholy One?

Emperor Yu sighed lightly.

That was right. Who could be blamed for the sky falling?

Lu Zhou said in a low voice, “However, you stopped my disciple from comprehending the Great Dao. That’s tantamount to opposing me.”


Emperor Yu shook his head and said, “I have never thought of stopping anyone from comprehending the Great Dao. I only want to maintain the Pillar of Destruction. If I really wanted to stop it, I wouldn’t have given you the Heaven Suppressing Pestle, and I wouldn’t have let your disciple be recognized by the pillar.”

Lu Zhou pointed at the upper core of the Pillar of Destruction and asked, “How do you explain this?”

Emperor Yu looked at it and said, “It’s hard to go against heaven’s will.”

Lu Zhou frowned slightly. “It’s hard to go against heaven’s will? The fall of the Great Void is also heaven’s will? So why don’t you follow heaven’s will?”


Suddenly, a rock that was much bigger than all of the others fell from the sky.

Everyone, even those rushing over from afar, looked up at the huge rock in despair.

When the three divine emperors raised their heads, they saw a huge crack on the Pillar of Destruction.

The Feather tribesmen looked at the crack in disbelief. At this moment, their survival instincts drove away their fear.

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