My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 34 - The Advertising Dogs of the Galaxy

Chapter 34: The Advertising Dogs of the Galaxy

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The ruler is bringing me along to the mountains… Ah pssh! He’s bringing me around to the Eternal Brightness.

Yao Si understood from the book Mu Xuan had previously prepared for her, “Galaxy’s Knowledge Compass”, that there was an alliance between the three largest planets around, which was similar to how international cities did it on Earth back in the day.

Eternal Brightness was at least three thousand light years away from Red Planet, but compared to the other planets, which were even farther away, it was considered the nearest main planet.

Yao Si went to sleep full of excitement and woke up early the next morning. She was really interested to see if she was going to stand on a sword like the previous time or sit on a spacecraft as a country bumpkin from the Blue planet.

Mu Xuan stood by the open door, waving her outside the house. “Let’s go.”

“Yes!” Yao Si went after him in a hurry.

Mu Xuan grabbed her hand, and they stepped out the house together. The moment they were past the door, rays of blinding sunlight spilled onto them. The scorching sun was a rare occurrence on the Red Planet, so today was indeed a good day to go out.

“We’re here!” Mu Xuan suddenly declared.

“What?” Yao Si stilled. What did he mean?

“It’s crowded here, so keep close and don’t wander about,” he instructed seriously.

It was only then Yao Si realized that in front of them was no longer the familiar entrance to the Majestic Palace. Instead, it was a long gray walkway, filled with people. She turned her head instinctively, and behind her was a door-like illusion that was disappearing slowly. Behind it, she could still make out the furniture at home.

“That… that was fast!” Yao Si couldn’t believe her eyes, turning back and forth for confirmation. He really meant it when he said go out… Where was the promised spacecraft, the promised flying-sword journey, the promised three thousand light years?

“Eternal Brightness planet has a specific galactic door,” Mu Xuan explained when he saw her confusion. “You can be transmitted over here from any planet.”

I see!

Even though Yao Si couldn’t really understand, it seemed impressive.

“Okay…” She was still confused, but she followed along nonetheless.

When they reached a long, narrow walkway, she realized that the place they came out of had an arched door a few stories high, and in the middle of the door was a layer of liquid that looked like silver. This liquid would spread to form an entrance every once in a while with all sorts of people walking out.

Some of them had black hair and yellow skin like her, some had blue skin, some were weirdly shaped with three heads and six limbs, some came in flying with their wings. There was even a fish with a huge bubble over his head swimming in. Basically… the galaxy was full of wonders!

Even though Yao Si already knew about the different clans in the galaxy, this was the first time she had witnessed it first hand. Still, once she paid closer attention, she noticed that human-like figures ones were predominant.

Yao Si felt like a country bumpkin, finding every small detail intriguing. It was as though she could spend a year staring without feeling bored.

Mu Xuan held onto her as they walked through the crowded walkway. In just an instant, the crowd seemed to have magnified, filling the space with a myriad of sounds.

The skies were bright with transparent images—big and small, neat and cluttered. Every form of advertisement floated about, some of which would even rush in front of the passers-by, following them for a distance before disappearing.

Such advanced technology was no doubt part of the Galactic Advertisement system.

Yao Si couldn’t help diverting her gaze from the passers-by to the advertisements. She wasn’t very familiar with the Galactic dialect, so she spent a large amount of time just reading the words. Out of habit, she spelled them out loud.

“Flower rain tablets, the product used by the galaxy’s number one male god.”

“God Mu’s special pill. It calms your nerves and energizes your spirit.”

“Blooming growth soap, have the same mesmerizing physique as the male god Mu Xuan.”

“Wooden space button, allowing you to have a space as wide as Male God Mu Xuan’s shoulders.”

“Mu Xuan brand…”

What exactly were all these? Yao Si couldn’t bear to continue reading and turned over to glance at Mu Xuan. “Er… You can’t be the Male God Mu Xuan they’re all referring to, right?”

Mu Xuan frowned, a faint hint of confusion tainting his face. He shook his head. “I don’t know.”

Was it just the same first and second name? But all the advertisements were aggressively using the name of Male God Mu Xuan, so this person had to be a big star in the galaxy.

Just when they were still looking at each other in confusion, a giant figure flashed onto a giant screen in the middle and a loud voice rang out through the street.

“Are you looking for eternal love? Hurry and register in Mu Xuan’s Partner Introduction Center, which is full of all kinds of races and genders looking for marriage. Regardless of whether you have a human, fish , or bug form, if there’s love in your heart, you’ll be able to find your ideal other half! Mu Xuan’s Partner Introduction Center caters to your every need, fulfills your every requirement, so just believe in yourself and maybe you will be that very one I’ve been waiting a million years for!”

“He… Hehe… Hehehe.” Yao Si felt her lips trembling. She rigidly turned her head. “So… this galaxy has a matchmaking center?”

Mu Xuan’s originally cold face darkened, and a cold and frosty air exuded by him started turning their surroundings into ice.

“Maybe… Maybe the person on the screen just looks like you.” Yao Si felt a sudden anxiousness. “Your voice isn’t like that at all…”

Before she could finish her sentence, a shrill scream pierced the air.

“Ahahahah! Male God Mu Xuan, my Male God Mu Xuan.”

“He really is the ruler of bloodlings, so dashing! There’s no question to how he has stayed the reigning champion of the galaxy’s male god ranking list for the past thousand years. He’s my eternal male god!”

“Is this the newest advertisement he endorsed? Makes registering so tempting, if only I could meet such a male god during a matchmaking session.”

“Stop dreaming, he’s a bloodling, he will never fall for another race!”

“The male gods belong to the public! Male God Mu Xuan, I love you!”

Hmm, it’s him indeed . Yao Si never knew her dad was so popular…

A wedding advertisement played after, and every new scene ignited stronger screams from the crowd, while Mu Xuan’s face continued to steadily darken.

“Have you heard? Male God Mu Xuan woke up from his hibernation a year ago.”

“I never expected him to wake in my lifetime, it’s really good to be alive now.”

“I really want to see him in real life!”

“Me too!”

Yao Si stayed quiet. Sis, the male god that you wish to see is right beside me. 

Mu Xuan did not utter a word either.  It’s about time to hold a meeting with The Elders. 

To prevent Mu Xuan from turning colder and colder, Yao Si grabbed onto his arm and walked, in large strides, out of the walkway, turning into a quieter and more peaceful corner. Compared to the crowded main road, there was much fewer people here, and the streets were no longer filled with flying advertisements. At first glance, it was a strictly regulated street for the rich.

After a couple steps down the road, a bunny jumped out straight at her. This lovely critter was gigantic, almost up to half a human’s height. Its fur snowy white and claws thick and meaty, reminding her of the bunnies she’d killed in the game previously, which sent an inch to her hands.

The bunny jumped up to her and suddenly lifted its paws, passing her a red flower.

“For me?” Yao Si stilled.

The bunny didn’t respond, pushing the flower over once more.

“Thank you!” Yao Si took the flower feeling flattered. Jump by jump, the bunny hopped into the distant.

Yao Si had never expected that the people of the galaxy would be so friendly. She couldn’t help lowering her head, but just as she was about to take a sniff, the red flower exploded with a loud bang .

The next moment, an enthusiastic and passionate voice spoke up in front of her. “Slyvian’s space storage. It’s three thousand meters worth of space with no need for vacuum packs to save space so you can use all the space available. The sale will open on July’s 4th and it will cost you just 998. Just 998, and you’ll have this wonderful item. Five star products, just 998 each. You can pass by but you definitely can’t let this opportunity go. This is a must-have item in the galaxy, and even Male God Mu Xuan uses it oh~!”


F*ck! All these advertising dogs!

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