My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 33 - Let's Go and Fly a Kite

Chapter 33: Let’s Go and Fly a Kite

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Yao Si considered Mu Xuan an excellent father. He conceded to her every request and would reply her every question. Although, maybe due to his long hibernation, his face was perpetually cold and serious. His inability to reply to her previous question about her ability seemed to have affected his self-confidence, since ever that time he had replied to her subsequent questions in great detail, the information so thorough it terrified her.

“What’s this?”

“Information about abilities,” Mu Xuan replied seriously.

“Why are they books?” Didn’t they previously use the optical computer to obtain the information?

“I thought that you might be more familiar with them,” Mu Xuan explained. “Even though your ability hasn’t yet awakened, you’ll still benefit by learning about them beforehand. Here are the summaries for the books.”

Yao Si’s eyes brightened, following the direction of his finger that pointed towards a bunch of book titles that had appeared randomly: <The Origin and Development of Abilities> <Advanced Bloodling Abilities> <The Different Ways to Use the Abilities> < The Ability Compass>, and many others.

So last night when he didn’t put her to bed he was he busy preparing all these? But wasn’t this a bit too much! In an instant, Yao Si felt herself entering a five-year scheme where on the third year was the high school exam.

“You can take a look at these first,” Mu Xuan said nonchalantly, passing a book over. “This one is about the Fire ability, its the strongest among the five series.”


“This is about the Water ability, it’s attack is directly below the Fire series but it has healing properties.


“This is the spirit ability, it can directly control one’s consciousness and is considered the most dangerous one.”


“This is the Dark ability, with swallowing as it’s main attack.”


“This is the Light ability, its attack isn’t strong but it acts as an auxiliary for the other abilities.” He gave a brief introduction for each book before pausing. “I only managed to organize a portion, if you have any questions, you can ask me directly.”

“I… have a small problem.” Yao Si lips trembled slightly when she raised her arm.


“I can’t read that.” #MyUniversityDegreeWasEatenByADog

So why did he bother going through all these ancient books, wouldn’t the translation on the optical computer have been sufficient?

A certain someone that had spent the entire night arranging the information did not have anything to say. “…”

He didn’t seem to have realized that his cub… seemed to be illiterate.

Mu Xuan froze for a moment before waving his hand, sending the books back into the space bag. I guess the learning plans have to be modified.  After five days, Yao Si received another stack of books. <The Dictionary of the Galactic Language> < The Galactic Dialect vs Chinese > <The Development of the Galactic Dialect> …

A stack of over ten books was piled in front of Yao Si.

“Read these and you’ll understand.”

Yao Si glanced at the stack of books that was taller than her, and her head filled with black lines. She could feel her motivation and drive deflating instantly. Wasn’t there such a thing as too much? This was akin to having her high school exams all over again. Were the galactic students this heavy burdened as well?

“Dad- Mu- Mu Xuan…” Yao Si quickly chose a smoother greeting.


“Let me ask you a serious question.”


“If… I skip school, will you beat me?”


Yao Si had an impulse to return back in time to burn her university degree. She had spent a few years slogging in college, yet in an instant it was no more than scrap paper. Wait now, it was worse than that. The paper from the Blue Planet was at least considered an antique here.

But complaining was useless, for she still had to attend school. She couldn’t rely on a translation machine for the rest of her life. But learning a new language was not an easy feat. To everyone else, the Galactic dialect might be their native language, but to her it was a foreign thing. Yao Si gritted her teeth, turning the translation machine off. The best way to familiarize with a language was to immerse oneself in it.

Once she flipped open one of the book’s, she realize how detailed Mu Xuan had been. The book covered topics such as pronunciation, and went all the way to grammar. It was also arranged from beginner to intermediate to advanced, which made it easier to learn than what she’d faced when learning English from her old textbooks. Beside the notes there were even handwritten tips for her to take note of.

Previously, when she had wanted to learn the Galactic dialect, Yao Qian had wanted to seek out someone that knew the ancient blue planet language. But it proved to be an arduous task as the language seemed to have perished with the years, but Mu Xuan had used just five days to arrange all this information for her. The comparison made his capabilities all the more amazing.

The best was still his thoughtfulness though, it was much better for her to learn through the book than in front of the cold and aloof Mu Xuan. The familiarity seemed to aid in her studies, improving her efficiency.

Yao Si used the diligence and drive she’d had for her high school exam, struggling through the books. Once in a while, she would take a break to go to the elders committee to communicate with them. But most of the time they would look at her in confusion, babbling in an incomprehensible language before sending her back. Even so, her labor bore fruits.

In just a short year, she mastered the basics of conversing, although the writing still proved to be a challenge. But there was no easy way out, she could only memorize everything. She had finished half of the books given by Mu Xuan, and the rest were just a matter of time.

Compared to her studies of the language, her ability still showed no signs of awakening. Mu Xuan mentioned that each bloodling would awaken their abilities by themselves and there was no rush to it. But the time required for her to do so was unusually long, for the majority of bloodlings could awaken their ability within a few months and she had already spent an entire year. Yao Si was seriously starting to suspect that there was something wrong. Or perhaps it had been buried for such a long time that it had changed?


“Take a break.” Mu Xuan pulled the book out of her hands and passed her a cup of red liquid.

Yao Si stilled, taking a sip. The liquid was tasty, sweet and smooth like a pudding. She lifted her head to glance at Mu Xuan who was helping her arrange her books. If the most unlucky thing was to be buried for up to a million years, then the most fortunate blessing was to be able to find such a strong backer. For the past year, Mu Xuan had treated her well, pampering her endlessly like a loving parent, never once denying a request of hers, always conceding to her demands.

If it wasn’t for him, she would have definitely not been able to master the Galactic dialect so quickly, but…

“Mu Xuan…” She felt an emotion she couldn’t explain, something that was akin to guilt taking root in her heart.

“Mmh?” he replied casually with a placid expression. In an instant, all his attention was on her.

“Will I… never be able to awaken my ability?” After all, it’s already been such a long time. 

“Rubbish.” How could his cub not have an ability? He reached out to caress her head. “Your situation is a little unique, since you’ve been in hibernation for such a long time, it’s normal that you’re a little slower.”

“But what if… I really can’t?” The bloodlings that had entered the kindergarten with her back then had all graduated. “Do you think…. that you could have gotten the wrong person and I’m not really your cub, after all?” There was no way that someone who had awakened the ancestral bloodline would have a weak cub like her.

Mu Xuan frowned. He raised his hands and pressed down on her shoulders

The next moment, Yao Si felt a static energy running through her insides, her blood flow stuttering in shock… and she fell on her bum, the chair beneath her turning into ashes.

“Can you feel it?”

“…” F*ck, was there a need to do that trick again? Are you showing off? Can’t you be more serious!

Mu Xuan sighed, pulling her up before chastising seriously, ” Stop going to the elders’ place in the future. They aren’t very bright, so don’t learn from them.”


The elders who weren’t that bright would definitely be heartbroken to hear that.

“You’ve learned the Galactic dialect well enough, so it’s time for you to familiarize yourself with the surroundings. Tomorrow I’ll bring you out for a walk around Eternal Brightness planet.”

“Eh! Eh? Eternal Brightness! The main planet in the alliance?” After staying home for such a long time, the thought of going out filled Yao Si was excitement.

“Mmh.” He nodded. “Rest early.”

“Yes, Your Majesty, no problem, Your Majesty,.”

“… Hurry.”

“Yes, Your Majesty, I’ll listen to your every command, Your Majesty!”


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