My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 32 - I want to See Your Parents

Chapter 32: I want to See Your Parents

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Thunder Sylvani ruler left with his clan. Even though Qu Ze was a maniac, he had no intentions of killing off their race. The purple ball he gave Yao Si was just the shell shed by the Royal Seed, which had actually sprouted into a tiny seedling, hence Qu Ze’s intentions… were purely to get Yao Si into trouble.

Initially, Second Elder suggested for Qu Ze to follow them back, since the Royal Seed didn’t sprout in Thunder Sylvani, which might cause some unforeseen repercussions. After all, Qu Ze was a specialist and might be of some help, but the suggestion was swiftly refuted by Thunder Sylvani ruler with no room for discussion.

With the tiny seedling in his hands, he changed back into the giant tree and flew away with the green planet in tow. In less than a minute, he disappeared into a spark in the distance, his speed exceptionally fast as though afraid that Qu Ze would follow along. After a few days, all the residents in the bloodling capital received the demolition fee from the Thunder Sylvani ruler.

Hmm, I guess the matter ended peacefully , Yao Si thought.

But after the war between the clans, the bloodlings were all busy restoring their damaged homes. For the past few days, everyone seemed in low spirits—many of them could be seen sighing with hung heads, their faces filled with despair and helplessness. Haiii! Not one of them seemed like they could fight. 


What was left was to settle the scores with Qu Ze. The Great Elder felt that this matter was much more perplexing than whether or not to start a war with Thunder Sylvani ruler. Even after the elders had held a discussion from noon all the way to night time, they still weren’t able to come to a conclusion.

In the end, a certain someone who had long wanted to chase them out instructed coldly, “Don’t you like to play games? Then you should go to Nirvana.”

Everyone fell silent.

Even Qu Ze, who had struggled to stay obedient in front of Mu Xuan, turned green in an instant.

Yao Si had no idea where or what “Nirvana” was… But she was delighted knowing that he wouldn’t be having there, based on how his face had paled.

Mu Xuan’s words were final. With a dark face, he chased the group that refused to leave out. They weren’t his cub, so why weren’t they leaving? Were they planning to stay for dinner? He reached out to caress his own rascal, hmm, after such a long while, she had to be hungry.

The next moment, Yao Si was stuffed with yet another bowl of mouthwatering blood nourishing soup.

Only after a few days did she hear from Yao Qian where and what “Nirvana” was. Simply put, it was a real-life game planet, totally different from the naive web game that she had entered with her subconsciousness. That planet had extreme conditions which allowed one to unleash their full potential, hence the game company retained the original appearance of the planet and developed the game around it.

The game itself required real participants and didn’t have a revive function. If one were to die in the middle of their playthrough, it’d be the end. Everything that happened within would be up to one’s fate, thus, that planet was always considered a training venue for the different clans in the galaxy.

But since it was a game, in order to prevent accidental deaths, the game company installed many NPCs and a necessary storyline. This meant that even though the game was difficult, the players’ lives were definitely not at stake.

But… that was limited to the players. Qu Ze wouldn’t be there as a player but as a NPC. According to the game settings, they had to live on the planet for a hundred days. Yet Qu Ze’s NPC would be different from the others in the game that could taunt the players at will. His would only have half the abilities and would have no say over his actions; he could only report the player’s missions and protect the player’s life. This was an absolute hell for Qu Ze who had a stomach full of pranks. At time he would even be required to be a nanny, saving players from committing suicide.

Yao Si finally understood what Mu Xuan’s words ‘Don’t you like to play?’ had meant. Qu Ze should get played for once as well!


Yao Si remembered that the Second Elder seemed to have accidentally let it slip how she had been played by Qu Ze. So… was Mu Xuan helping her get back at him?

Instantly, she couldn’t thinking … That was a wonderful move!

She suddenly felt that having such a protective father seemed… like a good idea.

After the incident involving Thunder Sylvani ruler, Yao Si realized just how weak she truly was and that the galaxy wasn’t as peaceful as she had thought it to be. A minor disagreement could escalate into a fight in an instant. I it wasn’t for the attribute of undead that she was born with, she would have probably died within three seconds of waking up. Hence, she was determined to master the art of survival.

Mu Xuan was delighted by Yao Si’s diligence, to the point that he even had the impulse to flaunt to outsiders. Take a look, even at such a young age she has such ambition, she’s my cub, no doubt about that. As the only bloodling that had managed to awaken the ancestral bloodline, Mu Xuan had the most comprehensive knowledge of the clan’s abilities, he could teach her about any kind of ability if only…

“I don’t know.” Yao Si shook her head. “I haven’t felt any abnormalities ever since I changed, so I’m not sure what it might be.”

Mu Xuan was stumped. “Have you taken a test?”

Yao Si recalled the pregnancy test kit that Li Zheng had given her. “It’s definitely not the Five series ability.” Yao Si’s spirits were low. If not for the greater physical strength and accelerated healing, she wouldn’t seem like a bloodling at all. “Is- Is it possible that I might have no ability?” As a fifth generation bloodling, who was also a cub of Mu Xuan, she would be the galaxy’s biggest joke if she didn’t have any ability.

“Close your eyes.” Mu Xuan reached out to tapped her forehead. Instinctively, Yao Si shut her eyes, and a cooling sensation entering her temples, flowing through her entire body.

Half a second later, Mu Xuan retrieved his hand. “Don’t worry, I can feel the ability within you, it just hasn’t been awakened yet.”

Yao Si sighed. Luckily she wasn’t bare. Brother Li Zheng must have been right, only her own father could guess her ability. “Can you tell what it is?”

Mu Xuan frowned. “I’m not sure yet.” The presence of an ability was obvious, even though it hasn’t been awaken, when his energy entered her body, he realised that the ability seemed…

“Your ability… is special, I can’t seem to determine what it is, but you’ll find that out once it awakens.”

“Oh.” Yao Si nodded. “How do I awaken it?”


Mu Xuan suddenly felt stuck. He had a whole lot of ideas on how to improve one’s abilities but no clue as to how awaken them. He tried to think about how he had done it in the past… But it was such a long time ago, he could no longer remember.

Since Mu Xuan knew how diligently his cub was working, he couldn’t bear to demoralize her optimism. Wasn’t it just awakening one’s abilities? Even if he didn’t remember it himself, that didn’t mean that the other bloodlings could not.

After Mu Xuan had personally chased them out, the Elders were planning to return home for a good rest, but the moment they turned, they were met with the sudden appearance of his majesty.

Before waiting for them to ask anything, he threw them a question, “How can I awake one’s abilities?”


Do you even need help with awakening your abilities? Isn’t it a natural instinct? Is there something wrong with your majesty’s abilities?

The elders tensed, giving the question their utmost attention.

“Your Majesty, are you referring to Her Highness Yao Si?” Second Elder tried to test the waters.


“This… Young bloodlings usually awaken their abilities by themselves. Your Majesty, you don’t have to worry, I’m sure Her Highness Yao Si will be able to do it in due time.”

Mu Xuan frowned. “How do the young bloodlings in the clan do it?”

The Second Elder took a moment to think. “The newly born bloodlings are sent into the ‘Royal Bloodling Kindergarten’ to learn, and a majority of them awaken their abilities there. The faster ones do it in four to five months while the slower ones take two to three years. After they awaken their abilities, they graduate from there.”

“Sending her to the kindergarten…” Mu Xuan frowned, seemingly unwilling to part just after he had found her.

“Her Highness has been to the kindergarten.” Second Elder hesitated before saying more. “But her situation is a little unique, she isn’t the same as the other bloodlings and wasn’t suited to be there. Her Highness didn’t seem to like it there either.”

“Didn’t like it?” Mu Xuan turned to stare at the man. “What’s the reason?”

“Err… She experienced some unhappy moments.”

“What happened?”

“I heard that on her first day Her Highness made all the bloodlings in the kindergarten cry.”

Mu Xuan’s face darkened. “They bullied her!”


“Get their parents to see me tomorrow.”


Who exactly were the ones getting bullied? Where’s the logic? Where’s the fairness? Even if he’s being defensive, isn’t this too much?!

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